Whitney High School

General Information

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  • Culinary I (Beginning Foods)
  • Culinary II (Food Services and Hospitatliy-Wildcat Cafe)
  • CTE Works: Baking & Pastry Careers
  • Living on Your Own (LOYO)
  • Work Experience
  • Course Catalog (pdf)
Staff List

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 Jennifer Henry  jhenry@rocklinusd.org  Living on your Own
 Eleanor Matulich  ematulich@rocklinusd.org  Work Experience
 Carissa McCrory  cmccrory@rocklinusd.org  Culinary I, II, CTE Baking/Pastry
Course Details

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Grade Level:  9-12

Prerequisite:  None

Project ownership requires monetary contribution.  TBA (To be arranged)

Requirements Met:

WHS Elective

This is a comprehensive course designed to introduce students to the nutrient value, appetite appeal, social significance and cultural aspects of food.  Students will participate in cooking labs, as well as a variety of classroom activities.  Emphasis will be on reading recipes, measuring accurately, and food preparation.  Basic food science principles will be introduced.  Kitchen safety and sanitation; proper use of equipment; and essential job skills in the food industry will be reinforced as well.


Grade Level:  10-12

Prerequisite:  Culinary I and teacher approval

Project ownership requires monetary contribution.  TBA (To be arranged)

Requirements Met:

WHS Elective

This advanced culinary course teaches skills in food production, preparation, customer service, and teamwork.  Instruction includes planning, selecting, storing, purchasing, preparing, testing, serving and selling of quality food and food products.  Additional study areas will include nutritive values, safety and sanitation, use and care of commercial equipment, management of food establishments, cost and profitability analysis, handling customer orders, and food service standards, regulations and laws.  Working in the Wildcat Café periodically during lunch is required.


CTE WORKS: BAKING & PASTRY CAREERS                             

Grade Level:  11-12 (sophomores under age 16 with counselor/ROP approval)

Length of Course:  Full school year

Internship Included:  No

Recommended Preparation:  Beginning Culinary Arts or Food Preparation

Requirements Met:

WHS Technology OR WHS Science Elective OR Elective

This on-campus course is designed to prepare students for the specific entry-level skills needed to excel in this exciting career within the foodservice industry.  With a Certificate of Completion from CTE Works, the student will be prepared to meet the demands that employers want and need.  Students will learn the culinary skills that are foundational to baking and patisserie including breads, specialty breads, hot and cold plated desserts, cakes, cake decorating, chocolates, and tarts. Students who complete the program will have met the American Culinary Certification for ServSafe Jobs in this specialty area include:  bread and pastry bakers, dessert specialists, catering specialists, patisserie specialists, institutional and cafeteria baker, bakery chef, and gourmet specialty baker.


Grade Level: 11-12

Prerequisite: None

Requirements Met:

WHS Elective

Living On Your Own (LOYO) is an elective course designed to prepare juniors and seniors for life after high school.  Topics covered will include personal finance, household management, basic meal planning and preparation, hand-sewing, goal setting and more.



Grade Level:  11-12

Prerequisite:  Students must have a valid Work Permit issued through the Work Experience Office and work at least 10 hours per week in a job covered by Worker’s Compensation.

Requirements Met:

WHS Elective

Work Experience is an elective class which combines supervised, paid employment in any occupational field with related classroom instruction.  Classroom instruction will focus on developing productive work habits, self-confidence and successful employment skills which can be used to locate, secure and retain employment.  Awareness of the career exploration process and basic economic principles related to employment will also be taught.  Students attend their jobs during the week, and attend a class session once a week at school.  Students must have an approved, legally paid job while enrolled in this class.  Regular visitations will occur at the jobsite by the Work Experience Coordinator.