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Aerospace & Leadership Education Curriculum

Aerospace & Leadership Education Curriculum iconAerospace & Leadership Education Curriculumtitle

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The AFJROTC curriculum consists of four Aerospace Science (AS) courses with each course normally covering a single school year, plus a Leadership Laboratory Activity (LLA) (formerly known as Summer Leadership School (SLS) and Drill Only class. These courses are identified as AS-I, AS-II, AS-III, and AS IV. Each AS course is comprised of 40% Aerospace Science, 40% Leadership Education and 20% Physical Fitness/Wellness.
Aerospace Science I (JROTC-I):

Aerospace Science I (JROTC-I): iconAerospace Science I (JROTC-I):title

Aerospace Science I is a history course designed to acquaint the student with the historical development of flight.  Leadership includes components of individual and group behavior. The topics of this course are:

Aerospace Science I:
a. Imagining Flight
b. Exploring Flight
c. Developing Flight
d. Extending Flight

Leadership Education I:
a. JROTC Heritage, Organization and Traditions
b. Wellness and Fitness
c. Individual Self-Control
d. Citizenship    

Aerospace Science II (JROTC-II):

Aerospace Science II (JROTC-II): iconAerospace Science II (JROTC-II):title

This is a science course which our earth, moon and planets, the latest advances in space technology, and the continuing challenges of space and manned space flight. Leadership Education promotes effective effective communications, understanding group and team, preparing for leadership, and personal development. The topics of this course are:

Aerospace Science II:
a. Earth, Moon, and the Planets
b. Space Programs
c. Continuing Challenges of Space
d. Manned Spaceflight

Leadership Education II:
a. Effective Communication Skills
b. Cadet Corps Activities
c. Understanding Groups and Teams
d. Preparing for Leadership
e. Personal Development
Aerospace Science III (JROTC-III):

Aerospace Science III (JROTC-III): iconAerospace Science III (JROTC-III):title

Aerospace Science III is a science course designed to acquaint the students with the cultural developments throughout the global community.  Leadership includes management, citizenship and ethics. The topics of this course are:

	 student color guard holding flags and marching while marchingAerospace Science III:
a. Middle East 
b. Asia
c. Africa
d. Russia
e. Latin America
f. Europe

Leadership Education III:
a. Choosing your Path
b. The Job Search
c. Financial Planning
d. Career Opportunities    

Aerospace Science IV (JROTC-IV):

Aerospace Science IV (JROTC-IV): iconAerospace Science IV (JROTC-IV):title

This course is limited to JROTC cadets in their senior year who have had the previous three years of instruction. The course integrates and applies all previous instruction to the operation of the cadet corps. Here the emphasis is on leadership and management concepts and techniques previously learned. The topics of this course are:

Aerospace Science IV:
a.  Management of the Cadet Corps
b.  Policy and Organization
c.  Daily Corps Business

Leadership Education IV:
a. Introduction to Management
b. Management Decisions
c. Management Functions
d. Managing Self and Others