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Seniors 2019 Important Dates

May 24th – Senior end of year Rally: 
Students need to bring their gowns for the exit of the gym and then to the social science dept. for the retrieval of their freshmen letters.

May 28th to May 31st – Senior Finals

May 31st – Senior Semester Grades are Submitted & Eligibility List is Finalized:
Any senior wishing to participate in senior week activities must pass all classes required and complete all community service hours for graduation by this date or be considered ineligible for all senior activities. There will not be any refunds for these tickets.

2019 Senior Week - June 3rd - June 6th

Seniors will be required to be in attendance each day, either with their teachers on campus, in the school cafeteria, or with the senior class at the organized senior class activities.

Monday, June 3rd @ 7:45 am – Senior checkout
During this time the seniors will go through the checkout process. You must go through this process to receive your diploma. Detentions and school fines will need to be cleared.

Monday, June 3rd @ 9:45 am – Panoramic Picture
Seniors will report to the outdoor basketball courts. All seniors will be in the picture and graduation gowns only (please do not bring your graduation cap) will be worn. Order forms will be made available in the student store the week prior and again the morning of the picture.

Tuesday, June 4th @ 7:45 am – Graduation Practice #1
Mandatory graduation practice will occur. During this practice you will be put in your rows, fill out your name cards, and complete your picture cards. Roll will be taken.

Tuesday, June 4th @ 9:30 am – Senior Picnic
Immediately following the checkout process all participating seniors will be transported to Beals Point at Folsom Lake for a picnic. No personal driving is allowed. Music, food, sports, etc. will be provided.  The student attending this event will have access to the lake in designated swimming areas.  We have hired a team of trained and certified open water Lifeguards to ensure the safety of all students who choose to go into the water.

Wednesday, June 5th @ 7:45 am – Graduation Practice #2
Graduation practice from 7:45 am until 9:30 am. All students will meet in the gym. Roll will be taken (if you are tardy, you will not be allowed to attend that day’s senior activity) and your attendance is mandatory.

Wednesday, June 5th @ 10:00 am – Senior Breakfast
The senior breakfast will take place at Lincoln Hills Orchard Creek Ballroom. You must have purchased the senior activities tickets to attend this event. This is where the senior slide show will be viewed and the spoof awards will be given. Students will drive themselves and meet at Lincoln Hills no later than 10am.

Thursday, June 6th @ 7:45 am – Graduation Practice #3 (Graduation Track tickets will be given to seniors at grad practice this day.  Each student will receive ONLY 2 track tickets, all other seating is general admission and no tickets are necessary)
This is the last practice before the ceremony. Roll will be taken and your attendance is mandatory. If you do not attend practice, you will not participate in the graduation ceremony.

Thursday, June 6th @ 6:00 pm – Report to the gym
Roll will be taken. You will get in your rows and we will take care of any last minute issues. Enjoy every last moment.

Thursday, June 6th @ 7:00 pm – Graduation Processional (students/faculty walking into stadium)

Thursday, June 6th @ 7:30 pm - Graduation

Thursday, June 6th @ 11:00 pm –
Sober Grad Night This event is operated by parents and community members, not school personnel. Ticket information can be found on the Whitney High School web page.
Class of 2019

~*~*~* CLASS OF 2019 ~*~*~*

Upcoming Mandatory Senior Meeting

4/25/19 at 8am!


Senior Meeting 3/13/18

(Includes Senior Ball details, important dates, etc.)


Seniors - Class of 2019 - Parent Presentation

***Contains information and dates for seniors

and their families***

Senior Activities Permission Slip/Behavior Contract


Senior Activities - at a Glance

October 4-November 16, 2018 Cap & Gown ordering (online at premiergradproducts.com)
March 13, 2019:  Senior Ball class meeting
April 9-12, 2019:  Senior Ball ticket Sales
April 24, 2019:  Senior Class meeting (Cap & Gown distribution)
May 18, 2019:  Senior Ball
June 3-6, 2019:  Grad Week
June 3, 2019 at 10am:  Senior Panoramic Picture
June 4, 2019:  Senior Picnic at Beals Point 
June 5, 2019:  Senior Breakfast at Lincoln Hills
June 6, 2019 at 7pm:  GRADUATION
June 6, 2019:  Sober Grad Night
June 12-14, 2019:  Senior Trip ($699; Final payment due by 3/8/19)
Cap and Gown

Cap and Gowntitle

Order by November 16th at premiergradproducts.com


  • Graduation announcements –Status or how to order?
  • Class Rings – Status or how to order?
  • Caps, gowns, tassels – status or how to order?
  • Key chains / Apparel – status or how to order?



    (916) 435 – 2331 office

    (916) 606-4621 cell

    (916) 435 – 2332 fax

    Email - sebring212@gmail.com

    Sober Grad Night 6/6/19

    Sober Grad Night 6/6/19title

    Whitney high school sober grad night

    Visit whitneysobergradnight.org to register. 

    Also order yard signs to celebrate your grad!

    Other Information and Forms

    Other Information and Formstitle

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     Senior Google Drive Move Instructions for After Graduation