Class of 2017

Roisin LeRoy

Mrs. LeRoy
Phone: (916) 632-6500 ext.6406
Fax: (916) 435-2542

Mrs LeRoy's 7 Quick Tips

Stop by to see me any time in the counseling office. If I am not available, make an appointment to come another time.
7 Tips to Relieve Stress
1. Allow plenty of time. Being too busy is a big source of stress.
2. Exercise: It’s a great stress buster.
3. Get plenty of rest and eat well. You will be able to handle stress better when it does come up.
4. Discuss your problems with a friend, family member, counselor, peer counselor, or trusted adult.
5. When stress hits big, take a time out. A few minutes away from the problem can help.
6. Breathe deeply - slowly in, slowly out. Think of something pleasant.
7. Ask for help. If you feel like stress is just too much, talk with your counselor.
7 Tips for Academic Success
1. Believe in yourself: In order to succeed you need to believe in yourself and your abilities.
2. Be organized:
• Use your planner
• Use folders for schoolwork
• Keep your backpack neat
• Get organized before you go to bed
3. Manage your time and study smart
• Use class time and Intervention time effectively
• Create a study time and plan
4. Be successful in the classroom
• Be in school on time everyday
• Learn how to adapt to different teachers
• Be prepared for class each day
• Always do your homework
• Participate in class
• Be a good group member
• Treat others with courtesy and respect
5. Take good notes
• Be an active listener
• Take notes that are easy to read
• Go over your notes as soon as possible
• Get copies of class notes if you’re absent
6. Know how to read a textbook
• SCAN by reading subtitles, words in bold and italic print, summaries, charts, and review questions
• READ with a purpose
• REVIEW by scanning the material to check your comprehension
7. Use test-taking strategies
• Develop a plan
• Mark questions that you want to return to
• Check your answers
• Go over all returned tests
7 Tips for College Prep
1. Stay Informed
• Listen to announcements every day for information on college speakers, scholarships, and upcoming deadlines for SAT and ACT testing.
2. Research Colleges
•, www.csumentor,
3. Are all great websites to begin your research.
4. Visit Colleges
• Spring Break and Summer Break are great times to take a road trip to visit colleges.
• If your family is taking a trip to another state, that is a great opportunity to tour and visit some of the colleges in that area.
5. Attend the College Fair
• This is a great time to meet Admission Officers and ask questions about their school.
6. Use your resources that surround you
• Speak to your teachers, relatives, and friends about the colleges they went to and what they liked or wished they knew before choosing the college they chose.
7. Use the College and Career Center
• This is a great place to come during lunch or morning breaks to research colleges or attend a presentation from a College Rep.
8. Talk to Me (Mrs. LeRoy) anytime! Stop by and see me in the counseling office or make an appointment for you and your parents to come see me about college planning. Don’t forget to attend College Planning Information Nights.

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