Junior Year College Planning Calendar

Fall Junior Year
  •  Make a list of your abilities, social/cultural preferences, personal qualities, and things you may want to study in college.
  • Learn about colleges.  Look at their websites, talk to friends, family members, teachers and friends or family who currently attend college.
  • Meet with college representatives that visit Whitney High School.
  •  Develop a list of colleges that interest you.  Request a viewbook, academic and financial aid information from those colleges.
  • Take the PSAT offered at Whitney High School in October.
  •  Study very hard and keep up your grades in all courses.
  •  Attend the College Fair in October.
 Winter Junior Year
 Spring Junior Year
  •  Visit colleges- Spring Break is a great time for this.
  •  Take the SAT reasoning or the ACT Tests.
  •  Take the SAT Subject Exams or Advance Placement (AP) Tests if appropriate.
  •  Attend College Fairs (please visit www.wacac.org for local dates)
  •  Focus on your classes.  This is a critical semester and counts significantly to colleges
  •  Plan your senior year schedule
  •  Consider taking an SAT Prep course
  •  Create a list of 20-25 colleges to research
  •  Attend Junior/Parent College Night
 Summer Junior to Senior Year
  •  Visit College
  •  Read for enjoyment
  •  Relax and have fun!
  •  Complete Community Service
  •  Begin to narrow your college list to 10-15
  •  Begin working on rough draft of College Admission Essay