Class of 2018

Mac Blate

Mr. Blate
Phone: (916) 632-6500 ext.6406
Fax : (916) 435-2542

Helpful Tips from Mr.Blate

  Hello, I am the Class of 2018 Counselor. You can stop by my office to meet with me, or 
if I’m unavailable you can schedule an appointment with Ms. Teames in the counseling office. 
 Email or call me:, 916-632-6500 ext. 6406.
Tips to reduce stress
  • Get plenty or rest, eat well, and exercise
  • Talk to others you trust if you’re having a hard time at school or with personal matters (friend, family member, counselor, peer counselor, or trusted adult)
  • When you’re stressed it’s okay to take a time out. Taking just a few minutes away from the problem can help you refocus.Go for a walk, read, listen to music, etc.
  • Ask for help! It’s okay to ask for help—your counselor and teachers are here to help you!
Tips for Academic Success
  • Think positively! Believe in yourself!
  • Manage time wisely: Set up a schedule that works for you that allows enough time for homework, studying, rest, and your daily activities.
    • Get organized
    • Use your planner
    • Keep your backpack and notebooks neat
    • Get organized before going to bed
  • Create a good study environment
    • Discover the best area for you to study (kitchen table, desk, library, etc.)
    • Do you prefer to study with music, or quiet areas?
    • When is the best time for you to study (right after school, before or after dinner)?
  • Be successful in the classroom
    • Be on time every day
    • Learn how to adapt to different teaching styles
    • Be prepared each day for class
    • Always do your homework
    • Participate in class
    • Be a good group member
    • Treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Take good notes
    • Be an active listener
    • Write notes that are easy for you to read and understand
    • Review your notes
    • If you’re absent ask for the notes
  • Use test-taking strategies
    • Develop a plan
    • Study and try to understand the material instead of just memorizing
    • Mark questions that you want to return to
    • Check your answers, especially on multiple choice scan-trons
    • Go over your test when it’s returned
Tips for Preparing for College  
  • Plan your high school courses wisely
  • Stay Informed
    • Listen to announcements
    • Stay up-to-date on deadlines for ACT, SAT, scholarships, and college applications
  • Stay Involved
    • Participate in sports, hobbies, clubs and other activities you enjoy
  • Research Colleges
    • Use Naviance’s “Super Match” to explore colleges
    • Visit college specific websites to learn more about each college
  • Visit Colleges
    • Spring break and summer breaks are great times to visit campuses. You can schedule a tour ahead of time by contacting the college’s admissions office.
    • If you’re visiting another state or city for vacation, try to fit-in a college tour
  • Attend college fairs
    • Meet with college representatives and ask questions
    • Come prepared with a list of colleges you want to meet with, and a list of questions you want to ask
  • Use your resources
    • Talk with family and friends about their college experiences
    • Ask them questions about what they would have liked to know before entering college
  • Use the Whitney High School College and Career Center
    • This is a great place to come during break or lunch to research colleges or meet with college           representatives
  • Meet with me!
    • You can email me your questions
    • You can stop by my office during your break, lunch, or before and after school
    • You and your parents can schedule a time to meet with me

Sophomore and Junior Parent Information Night

Click Here for PowerPoint Presentation from the Parent Information Night