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about the ACT & SAT  comparing the ACT & SAT
ACT and SAT Test Dates

ACT and SAT Test Dates iconACT and SAT Test Datestitle

ACT Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Period
 September 9, 2017  August 4  August 5-18
 October 28, 2017  September 22  September 23 - October 6
 December 9, 2017  November 3  November 4 - 17
 February 10, 2018  January 12  January 13 - 19
 April 14, 2018  March 9  March 10-23
 June 9, 2018  May 4  May 5-18
 July 14, 2018  June 15  June 16-22
The ACT is an achievement test that measures what students have learned in school. There are five components: English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Writing (optional). Register for the ACT only and for the ACT with writing for by the dates above.
SAT Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline
 August 26, 2017  July 28  August 15
 October 7, 2017  September 8  September 27
 November 4, 2017  October 5  October 25
 December 2, 2017  November 2  November 21
 March 10, 2018  February 9  February 28
 May 5, 2018  April 6  April 25
 June 2, 2018  May 3  May 23
The SAT assesses student skills in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics and Writing (optional) and allows students to demonstrate how well they can apply their knowledge. Register for the SAT only and for the SAT with essay by the dates listed above. About the NEW SAT.
Testing Information and Registration
  • WHS School Code (CEEB Code): 053937
  • NCAA Eligibility Center’s Code: 9999 (To send scores directly to the Eligibility Center)
Visit the Counseling department and the College and Career Center for more information.
NEW SAT to ACT Scores Conversion Chart

NEW SAT to ACT Scores Conversion Chart iconNEW SAT to ACT Scores Conversion Charttitle

SAT and ACT Score Comparison Chart
SAT/ACT 2018 Summer Institute

SAT/ACT 2018 Summer Institute iconSAT/ACT 2018 Summer Institutetitle

pencil filling in scantron, text reads "SAT/ACT test prep"
To register visit www.rocklintestprep.com
Location  Dates  Time
 Rocklin HS  July 30th - Aug 3rd  8 - 12:15 pm
 Granite Bay HS  July 30th - Aug 3rd  2 - 6:15 pm
Cost: $400 per workshop (Math & English Prep with practice SAT/ACT Test)
*students must own a copy of the Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board, 2018 Edition
To register and for more information please visit www.rocklintestprep.com or call:
David Tastor (916) 284-1279 - English
Scott Becker (916) 847-7419 - Math
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Khan Academy has partnered with College Board to offer FREE SAT practice tests and testing strategies.
Click Here for specific information and help with the New SAT.