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Naviance family connection
Naviance Student is an easy-to-use, free iPhone app that helps you organize your school work and your college planning process. The Naviance Student app for iPhone gives instant access to upcoming and overdue tasks within Family Connection, and allows students to update their status and communicate with counselors directly from their mobile devices. Manage this process on the go!
What the app can do for you:

What the app can do for you:title

Tasks and To-Dos. Check.
See tasks that have been assigned to you or manage your list of tasks from one place. Need to study for a math test or turn in a biology assignment? We've got you covered. Stay on top of all your most important work.
Colleges, Paperwork avenger.
Transcripts, applications, SAT Prep, letters of recommendation… it can be a lot to keep up with. Naviance Student organizes the process of college selection and application into one place.
Select. View college profiles and add to your college Interested List.
Dates. Add college deadlines to your calendar.
Tasks. View and add tasks related to colleges.
Maps. View college campus locations.
Contact. Email or call a college directly from the app.
Updates. Track status of college applications.
Notifications. Messaging. Reminders.
Exchange messages with your school counselor without an in-office appointment. Get reminders when important college or school deadlines are coming up. Naviance Student can do this and more.

Send and receive messages from your counselor.
Get notified of what to do next.
Receive reminders of important dates and tasks.