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The Naviance Career Curriculum was developed in collaboration with Roadtrip Nation, who are dedicated to career exploration and helping individuals find their own roads in life. Videos created exclusively for the Naviance Curriculum allow students to hear from high school students, college students and professionals to help them see what lies ahead, and encourage them to persevere.
Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive

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People who have fulfilling careers rarely take a straight path to success. Many experience failures and triumphs along the way. The Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive in Naviance features over 3,500 video interviews with individuals who have forged through challenges to accomplish unique goals. These leaders candidly discuss hardships, successes and the obstacles they overcame to create a meaningful life on their own terms.

Students can explore the Archive by interests like Film, Food, Entrepreneurship, Writing, and Science to find leaders whose interests align with their ambitions. Students can also explore by 48 themes such as fear, failure and perseverance to learn how leaders overcame challenges similar to those students may be facing today. All interviews are conducted by young people who traveled the United States to ask leaders how they turned a passion into a livelihood.

By exploring the diverse personal stories of those that have gone before them, students using the Archive gain exposure to career pathways they may not have known existed, and can actively begin thinking about colleges, majors, and career goals that reflect their unique talents and aspirations.
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