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Students automatically gain access to WHS databases from within the school network using the WHS website links. Remote access requires a log-in: whsstudent and a password: wildcats
EBSCO Host is a state of the art research database used in colleges and universities. This WHS link takes students to six databases with a complete collection of full-text reference resources. These databases cover history, health, and various other subjects with newspapers, magazines, books and other sources. The Points of View section within EBSCO is a full-text database designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current event/issue. And a new SCIENCE database has been added Fall of 2015! 
*Students can create a personal account, each year, to save research and materials, create citation list, etc.  This will need to be created while on WHS campus, after that it can be used anywhere.  Visit the Library for more information.

A to Z World Cultures is the world's most detailed country-by-country cultural resource for the education market, offered by World Trade Press. No other resource covers as many cultural and social topics and includes detailed maps, for so many countries. It is considered by thousands of public and academic libraries to be the most comprehensive cultural database in the world.
Gale Reference eBooks Gale combines award-winning eBooks with top titles from premier partners including ISTE, ASCD, ABC-CLIO, DK, and Encyclopedia Britannica to support the K-12 Common Core curriculum.
Encyclopedia Britannica No password needed.
*Students can create an account to save articles, images etc. in a personal folder using their their RUSD login, password and RUSD email account.