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Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteriatitle

Enrolled at WHS or RHS
Interest in Aerospace Science
Commitment to the ideal of the program


To provide interested students with an Air Force Junior ROTC Aerospace Science program which will assist them in exploring civilian, industrial, and military aspects of Aerospace Science.


The Air Force Junior ROTC Aerospace Science Program is designed to build better citizens, strength, strengthen character and acquaint cadets with the aerospace age and careers in the military and civilian aviation. the instructors are retired United States Air Force members whose qualifications are approved by the Air Force to teach the Aerospace Science courses and conduct the AFJROTC activities. This program will ensure the development of academic potential while providing an education that meets all graduation and college entrance requirements. Most importantly it will emphasize the skills that are necessary for leadership-confidence, responsibility and self-discipline.


Color guard holding flags
  • Compliance with Air Force appearance and grooming standards
  • Adherence to all school attendance and student conduct codes
  • AFJROTC uniform worn to school one day per week


  • To strengthen character and citizen skills
  • To provide students with a four year course of study in Aerospace Science while meeting all requirements for graduation
  • To develop leadership skills
  • To stress self-discipline, order, respect for authority and motivation to achieve through teamwork
  • To generate specific interest in aerospace engineering and science
  • To provide career education in both civil and military aviation
Unique Opportunities

Unique Opportunities title

  • Established curriculum in Aerospace Science which includes topics such as the history of flight, environmental studies, principles of flight and navigation, rocketry, propulsion systems and space technology
  • Established "study skills and time management" curriculum available Air Force ROTC four year scholarships
  • Selective nominations to the USAF Academy
  • Optional entry into the USAF two pay grades higher than other enlistees
  • Completion of minimum of three years in program earns one year college credit in Senior ROTC
  • Ongoing emphasis on career education in both military and civilian aviation
  • Leadership training through laboratory and classroom work
  • Field trips to military and space installations as well as airports and industrial facilities
  • Extracurricular activities such as color guard, drill teams, rocketry club, and honor guard