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ASB President - Jack Grove  
 ASB Vice President - Zach Schreiner
 ASB Secretary - Julia Ruccione  
 ASB Treasurer - Neissa Higuera
 Commissioners of Student Life - Kailee Hamilton  
 Commissioner of Audio/Visual - Maggie Brodie  
 Commissioners of Publicity - Blake Whitney and Paige Alcala  
 Commissioners of Video - Michael Wicks  
 Commissioners of Spirit - Katie Scaglione and Brooke Blatnick  
 Commissioner of Dance - Darienne Sandhu  
 Commissioners of X-Factor - Cate Morris and Jacob Harbert  
 Commissioner of Fundraising - Brooke Giorgi  
 Commissioner of Construction -  Brady Knell  
 Voices of Whitney - Wesley Mason and Kade Church

Executive Board

Associated Student Body