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Class of 2023

Spring (5/2/22) Senior Parent Information Night

Spring (5/2/22) Senior Parent Information Night

  • Introduction (Armas and Senior Admin)
  • Welcome to the most expensive year of your life
  • In 397 days your son or daughter will be walking across the stage in Wildcat Stadium. 
  • Why we have this meeting so early

  • Upcoming important dates for the year (Armas)
  • Senior registration day August 1st, 2022
  • Senior Paint Day- August 1st, 2022
  • Senior meetings throughout the year (Fall parent meeting and several class meetings for students during the school day)
  • Use Whitney Web Page as a resource 

  • Graduation Status (Counseling)
  • Summer school registration forms are due Friday, May 28th.
  • Requirements for off periods:
  • Students must be on track to graduate
  • Service Learning (formerly community service) hours are due as soon as possible, especially if you want a short schedule. 25 hours required before the start of next school year. Remember all hours must be from a non profit organization. 
  • Students who need to recover 1 or more NCs may need to attend summer school but this varies from student to student. Make an appointment with your counselor asap. 
  • No hours = no walking 
  • Senior Parent Night: mid-September.  Some important topics- Senior Year Timeline, College Application Process, Letters of Recommendation, Transcript Requests, Scholarships and Financial Aid, etc.

  • Yearbook – Senior tributes (Sarah Nichols)
  • Senior tributes or “grad ads” for the Class of 2023 are on sale from June 1- December 1. Everything you need will be on the WHS website. We close the process in December due to annual print deadlines from the yearbook company. Plan ahead! It’s not a “reserve a spot” scenario - you order with all of your materials at once, which means you should start picking out photos now.
  • Early-bird pricing goes until Sept. 1. Then it goes up each month. One way to help keep the senior year costs low is to order your senior tribute over the summer, get your spot and pay the lowest rate, and then forget about it – you’re done! Ordering requires photo submission and message in addition to the form. Again, you can’t “hold a spot” with just a payment. We offer the pricing structure so we can start designing the tributes as early as possible. If you want to wait, you pay the higher price.
  • To order, you must provide the order form, payment, photos and message.
  • You can pay online through the portal, which is based on credit card payment, or if you prefer to visit campus and pay by check or cash, we can accommodate that if necessary.
  • Student designers will take care of creating the tribute, and you don’t need any design or technical expertise at all! 
  • Senior portraits (Sarah Nichols)
  • All seniors must schedule an appointment with Prestige/Lifetouch to get their picture in the yearbook. You are not required to purchase other items or do a full package, however you must make an appointment and get your picture taken this summer or you will not be in the yearbook.
  • Schedule your appointment online in mid May at  
  • What to wear - multiple options exist in order to give each student the best experience.
  • Slots at the start of the new school year are virtually impossible to secure, so take advantage of the flexible summer schedule. Being pictured with your classmates is one of the best ways to capture your Class of 2023 experience.
  • Cap and gown ( Bob Sebring)
  • Ways to order over summer and early fall (online)
  • There will be a senior meeting in late September or early October. 
  • All orders are due prior to Thanksgiving break
  • Order by mid October to receive before winter break
  • Announcements
  • Class rings and school jackets- free cap/gown
  • Senior Trip (USA Student Travel – Gwen Shackelford)
  • A lot of companies, some respectful, some not
  • Scary companies
  • 2 other schools have used this company for over 10 years each and have had no problems
  • NOT A SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENT! Neither trip is school sponsored, this is a vendor
  • 2 trips – Southern California trip is chaperoned but not by school personnel, must attend all parts of trip
  • Hawaii trip is not chaperoned, although there are company staff members on call from the company, no structured events
  • The trips are not at the same time
  • Sober Grad Night (Armas and Grad Nite rep Jennifer Aring)
  • Armas (or parent) tells history of Sober Grad Night. All students should attend; parents… don’t let it be an option.
  • Sober Grad Night is an all-night celebration held the night of graduation from 10pm till 5am the next morning. It is a fabulous night of fun where the graduates can celebrate in a safe place with their friends.
  • Registration starts in the fall for the lowest price along with the sale of our senior yard signs. This is a great way to recognize your senior and the profits go to support the event.
  • Class of 2023 Parents Pay It Forward – Sign Up TONIGHT for donating Food, Prizes, & Volunteer for 2023 event. 
  • For more information, please visit our website or signup here to volunteer.
  • Senior Week (Armas)
  • Week of memories
  • Good grades and attendance throughout year = week off
  • Lucky to get week off
  • Activities include: senior breakfast, picnic, graduation practice, panoramic picture, senior awards, and much more…
  • Be proactive
  • Senior parking (Armas)
  • Lottery for 3.0 and higher- we want to reward the students who have had academic excellence for the past 3 years
  • Cost-$45 what it includes:
  • Paint and supplies
  • Permit it self
  • Personal spot for entire year
  • Extra sleeptime
  • A good time with snacks and music!
  • Paint day during registration week- Monday 1-5pm
  • General parking availability
  • The opportunity to purchase a general parking permit will begin in August during registration week and is open to all juniors and seniors who have their driver’s license, as supplies last and we will sell out. Make sure to electronically sign the Driving and Parking Rules for our school
  • Tables set up to check (GPA, etc)
  • Winners will be emailed by this Thursday/Friday with instructions on how to purchase next week. 
Save the date

Save the date

Hello, Class of 2023!
There next parent meeting is 9/12/22.
6:30 to 8:30pm in the theater
Please feel free to email with any questions. 
Senior Tributes

Senior Tributes

The WHS Details yearbook is your chance to show that special student how much you care.  Senior tributes for the yearbook come in many sizes and are one of the most popular areas of the book.  It's time for you to order yours and guarantee the size/space you want.  Don't miss your chance to tell your senior how proud you are!The price goes up each month, so check the options on the order form and make sure to submit your complete order with the form, payment, photos, and message. 
For more information please view the Senior Tribute Order Form.


Prestige is the official school photographer for your senior picture and will do your WHS yearbook photo this summer. Please don't wait until the last minute -- we wouldn't want you to miss out on being pictured with your classmates for the Class of 2023.
Hopefully the guide below will help you get your appointment scheduled. Go to & click "Find a studio near you."
Their appointment season begins July 7, 2022, and you should get into the studio in July or August to have your senior portrait taken. By the beginning of September it is almost impossible to get in. THE DEADLINE TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED IS SEPT. 9, 2022.  Don't wait!
START HERE: Go to & click "Find a studio near you"
Click "Citrus Heights" for your studio option.
Then choose Click "Schedule studio session"
Click "Book Appointment"
Enter "Whitney High" in the search box and select "Grad Year 2023 - Whitney High School - Rocklin, CA - (9XRG9)"
Choose a session OR continue without a selection.
Select the date/time.
Enter your information and click "Finalize appointment" at the bottom.
You may wear your own personal outfit of your choosing to be considered "dressed up" for this important portrait based on your style and cultural significance or how you feel most comfortable as long as you are within WHS dress code and dressed up. Your top/shirt must be free of text (no writing or printing) and no sunglasses or hats are permitted. If you prefer a traditional drape or tuxedo, the studio will have those available to borrow during your portrait sitting.
This photo will go in the 2023 WHS yearbook as long as you are photographed on time (by Sept. 9, 2022) at the correct studio. The studio sends us all photos in one batch once the deadline has passed, and we will post a list of all photos received so that you can check your name on the list.
Thanks for making your appointment right away by following the steps above, and thanks for getting photographed this summer. Best wishes for your upcoming senior year experience!