Whitney High School

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Teacher: Ben Barnholdt

Industry Sector: Arts, Media and Entertainment

Career Pathway: Design, Visual, and Media Arts

Location: B-Building

Phone: 916-632-6500 ext.6644

Website: wctv19.com

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Teacher:  Kevin Lopina

Industry Sector: Arts, Media and Entertainment

Career Pathway: Design, Visual, and Media Arts

Location: Library Lab

Phone: 916-632-6500 ext. 6454

Email: klopina@rocklinusd.org


Profile picTeacher:  Alex Anderson

Industry Sector: Business and Finance

Career Pathway: Business Management

Location: J-6

Phone: 916-632-6500 ext. 6439

Email: aanderson@rocklinusd.org


Teacher:  Alyssa Gonzalez

Industry Sector: Business and Finance

Career Pathway: Business Management 

Location: J-6

Phone: 916-632-6500 ext.6454

Email: agonzalez@rocklinusd.org


Teacher:  Denae Moore

Industry Sector: Arts, Media and Entertainment

Career Pathway: Design, Visual, and Media Arts

Location: C-4

Phone: 916-632-6500 ext.6464

Email: dmmoore@rocklinusd.org

Course Description

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Grade Level: 9

Prerequisite: None

 Requirements Met: WHSTechnology - 5.0 Credits

The course focuses on studying digital citizenship and ethics, learning the fundamentals of graphic design, photo and video editing, word processing, and public speaking. Students will master the foundation standards by which computer and manufacturing technologies are utilized at Whitney High School as well as in colleges and careers. The freshmen will learn industry standard core applications including Google Apps (Mail, Docs, Calendar, Slides), various web-based applications (PIXLR, SVG BOXR). Then, they will create a high school e-portfolio that will serve them throughout their high school years and beyond. Students will be guided according to nationally recognized technology standards (see: www.iste.org, NETS for Students) as well as California State Career and Technical Education (CTE) Standards (see www.cde.ca.gov) through thematic project-based lessons. This course partially fulfills Whitney High School’s technology graduation requirement.