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12th Grade Counseling Program

Fall Semester
In early Fall, graduation status will be mailed home to all Seniors, and individual student conferences with the counselors will be scheduled. At the Senior Parent Night, counselors will discuss graduation requirements, college admissions, career readiness, letters of recommendations and other senior year information. Workshops are offered throughout the fall to help with the college application process and questions. Our College and Career Tech is available to meet with individual seniors about their college applications and choices. Financial aid workshops are held for parents and families during late fall semester. Students will participate in “Career Application” activities including Mock Interviews and counselor classroom visits.
Spring Semester
Midyear reports to private colleges are completed January through March. Once seniors have received their letters of acceptance, counselors are available to meet with individual students to discuss potential options. All students are encouraged to participate in the Assist-a-Grad Scholarship process through the College and Career Center. Throughout the spring, all at risk Seniors will be monitored regarding their graduation plans. Students’ post-secondary plans will be recorded in a Senior Exit Survey.
Graduation Forms

Graduation Forms

Graduation Verification Petition Senior Course Checklist for Graduation Eligibility