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Valedictorian Selection

Whitney High School Valedictorian Selection Criteria

Whitney High School Valedictorian Selection Criteria

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Whitney High School Class Valedictorians are the top academic performers of the graduating class as determined by CSU and UC standards.


Valedictorian candidates will be evaluated after the first quarter report card is issued in the fall of the senior year and a meeting will be held with potential candidates. Valedictorian candidates will be named based on their freshman year through the fall of the senior year report card. Students may be dropped from the valedictorian candidate list after the fall of their senior year semester based on the grade, but may not be added to the candidate list.


The grade point averages of all seniors will be weighted by adding one point for UC approved honors courses and  Advanced Placement courses. (Total Weighted GPA)

All high school courses will be included in the g.p.a.  College courses taken during high school are not included in the g.p.a.

The top two percent of the senior class g.p.a.s are valedictorians, this is based on the number of students enrolled in the senior class based on the beginning of their senior year.

If more than two percent of the senior class make up the lowest g.p.a. that qualifies as valedictorian, all students at that lowest qualifying g.p.a. are valedictorians.

Valedictorian candidates are confirmed with each semester report card. Students may use the title Class Valedictorian Candidate during the last three quarters of the senior year unless they no longer meet the required g.p.a.

Students may be removed from the valedictorian list if it is determined by the administration that they do not meet acceptable Whitney High School standards of academics.


Transfer Students will have grades weighted by the same formula, using the UC approved course list. Students from out-of-state or out-of-country will use the UC admissions standards to determine honors weight on the g.p.a.

Students must be enrolled at Whitney High School by the beginning of first semester of the senior year to be considered class valedictorian.