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Work Permit Application

Work permits for Whitney High School are currently being issued through the College and Career Center at Whitney High School.  Please read the following instructions to obtain a work permit during the COVID-19 changes.
1. Download and complete the work permit application. You have to get the job first to complete this application.  Make sure all fields are complete, including the employer information and signature. Per state law, all signatures must be original, ink signatures. At this time, electronic signatures are not acceptable.
2. If you want to expedite the process, send Mrs. Smith an email with your new employer's business name and address.  Email to  This step is to expedite the processing but does not complete the application. The original application paper will need to be submitted in order to pick up your work permit.
3. We can then set up an appointment time to pick up the work permit at Whitney High School.   PLEASE NOTE: The student applicant must be present to sign the permit and must submit the original paper application at pick up, per state law. Exceptions to this cannot be made.
4. Provide the signed work permit to your employer.
If you have work permit questions, please email Valarie Smith in the Front Office at

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