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How to Request a Letter of Recommendation

Counseling Department
Guidelines for Requesting Faculty Recommendations

Guidelines for Requesting Faculty Recommendations

1. You should ask two teachers who have known you in academic class if they would be willing to recommend you strongly (“Would you be able to write me a strong letter of recommendation for college?”)

2. Even if the college only asks for one recommendation, copy the form so you can have two different letters. Be sure to check each college’s application. Some may specify which teachers to ask. Depending on the program you are applying for, they may require a recommendation from a math teacher or an art teacher.

3. You should make sure these faculty members have everything they need at least a month before the application is due.

4. Provide the faculty member with a completed copy of the resume form.

5. Be sure to give each faculty member the application deadline for each college.

6. Have all forms and deadlines ready at the same time

7. Letters often take an hour to write…so say “please” and WRITE a Thank You note!

Please Note: If requesting a letter of recommendation from a teacher directly from a College Website Application or Naviance please check with the teacher to make sure they received the request as the RUSD Spam filter can sometimes block those requests.