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Parking Information


  • During Hybrid learning we will not be issuing parking permits to students, with only half of our students on campus at a time there will be plenty of parking.
  • The Senior Parking Lot will still be permitted only parking. Students parked in the Senior Lot must display a current, valid WHS parking permit in their vehicle.  Cars parked in the Senior Parking lot without a valid permit are subject to a Rocklin PD parking citation. Rocklin PD does not give warnings to cars parked without a permit. You will receive a ticket.
  • Students who park in Staff parking or a reserved spot will be subject to Rocklin PD parking citation and/or discipline including but not limited to:
    • Two hours detention.
    • Loss of privilege to park on campus.
    • If a Junior, Senior parking lot eligibility is revoked. 
  • The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph.
  • Students must park their cars immediately upon arrival. Once parked, students must leave the parking lot. Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted.
  • WHS campus is closed and students may not leave the parking lot until the end of the school day or unless permission is obtained.
  • The parking lot is off limits and cars may not be visited during the day (including lunch periods) without special permission from the administration.
  • “Cruising” around the parking lot before or after school is not permitted.
  • Any driver found to be driving negligently or erratically on or about school property may be cited by the Rocklin Police Department and school driving and parking privileges suspended.
  • Loud stereos and car radios are not allowed on school grounds.
  • WHS parking permits are non-transferable. Any student caught giving or receiving a parking permit from another student or letting another student use their permit or parking spot, will have their parking permit revoked and all parties involved will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit in the future.
  • Parents delivering students to school should drive into the student parking lot and use the designated areas for drop off and pick up. Do not leave cars parked unattended in this area. 
  • Parents delivering students to school should not stop, park or leave their car standing, whether attended or unattended, at any red curb designated as a fire lane or they may be cited by Rocklin Police Department. 
***Note: It is illegal for anyone without a permit from the neighborhood association to park north of campus in the Abilene Circle residences. Please notice the signpost notifications and do not park in that area; as any unauthorized car will be ticketed.
drop off zones

drop off zones

Drop Off Zones