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All unit materials (handouts, labs, notes, etc) can be found in your student Schoology.  
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Please contact your teacher if you need assistance.

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Tests make up 70% of the student's overall grade.  
  • Each Chemistry test has two sections, each contributing 50% of the points toward the test score.  
    • The essential skills section is a short answer portion of the test that assesses the essential concepts and skills.  
    • The multiple choice section assess general knowledge from the unit and the ability to connect concepts above and beyond the essential skills.  
  • Any student who does not pass the essential skills is required to retake the portion(s) of the essential skill test that they did not pass.  Since the student is only demonstrating mastery of select content, this does not affect their overall score.  
  • Any student who does not pass the test as a whole with 70% or higher has the option to retake the entire test (both the essential skills and the multiple choice).  The highest score students may earn on a retake is 70%.