Whitney High School

Welcome to AP Chemistry!!
Teacher: Kaitlin Torok
Room: E-11 (class), E-14 (office hours)
Contact: ktorok@rocklin.k12.ca.us 
Office hours: 7-7:45 am, during intervention (E-14), and after school 2:40-3:40 pm.

The following are useful resources for all Big Idea Units:
  • Essential learning goals for the unit. These are created by collegeboard and have been distributed throughout the appropriate units. 
  • Big idea resources: There are links to video's or websites for further learning beyond the class. 
  • Pre-unit review from the first year chemistry: This is the link to the first years chemistry website where you can find notes or previous years honors assignments that will be the foundation for this class. The material in this section will be considered as "prior knowledge" and will not be taught in class. Additional help will be given during office hours.
In each of the Big Ideas on the left, you will find the following components:
  • Calender / Materials: There will be daily agendas and homework assignments posted. There are also links to materials/ notes passed out in class that day.