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Language Arts

Language Arts
Our department prides itself on meeting all of our students’ needs. We teach to the standards and assess students’ mastery of the standards through Essential Skills Assessments which test taught skills students need to succeed in the academic world. Since each grade level utilizes the same Essential Skills Assessments, we are confident that each student receives essentially the same instruction, and they are held to the same high standard of achievement. This allows us to develop a progression of instruction which builds on the skills taught at each level.
We collaborate to continually revise our curriculum to better meet our students’ needs and confirm that our assessments are current and effective. Our goal is to inspire avid readers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators who are prepared for success in college.

Course List

  • Language Arts I/Advanced
  • Language Arts II/Advanced
  • Language Arts III/Honors
  • CSU ERWC / Expository Reading and Writing
  • AP Literature and Composition
Staff List

Staff List

 Ali Cameron LA I, ERWC
 Emilie Cavolt LA I, AP ENG/Com
 Christina Cooney  
 Jennifer Davis ERWC
 Tiffiny Feuerbach  LA II Honors
 Patrick Gale
 Meredith Kane LA I
 Thor Samson  LA II, LA III
 Elizabeth J. Sturgeon Adv. LA I, LA III
 Emily Thomas LA I
Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence

Language Arts - Scope and Sequence

The four year Language Arts program allows students to select advanced courses at the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade levels. The advanced courses are recommended for students wishing to take AP English as their 12th grade "capstone" course. The program offers several options at the 12th grade level to satisfy the 4th year English requirement for graduation and/or meet UC/CSU admission requirements. For detailed options see your counselor.

          9th Grade          
             10th Grade           
                 11th Grade                  
12th Grade
Expository Reading/Writing (ERWC)
Adv. LA I
Adv. LA II
LA III/Honors
AP Literature/Composition