Whitney High School

The Mathematics curriculum at Whitney High School provides an opportunity to explore a multitude of challenging courses designed for students of all abilities. Many of the courses allow for students of any grade to enroll but the courses do follow a logical sequence. Several courses have prerequisites and can be taken for possible college credit.

The Mathematics Department at Whitney High School is dedicated to nurturing the abilities of every student in its program. It is their sincere desire that any coursework missed in class will be looked at on this web page.

Course List

  • Integrated Math I
  • Integrated Math II
  • Integrated Math II/III
  • Integrated Math III
  • Math Analysis
  • Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics
  • EAP Senior Math
  • Accounting
Staff List

Staff Listtitle

 Alex Anderson  aanderson@rocklinusd.org  Int Math I
 Lona Armstrong  larmstrong@rocklinusd.org  Int Math III, AP Calculus AB
 Ashley Chaney
 Int Math I, II
 Shakera Dorton  sdorton@rocklinusd.org  Int Math I, II, Int I & II Lab
 Jennifer Hodge  jhodge@rocklinusd.org  Int Math II, III, Pre-Calculus
 Vicki Lovitt  vlovitt@rocklinusd.org  Int Math I, Int I Stats, AP Stats
 Danielle Martling  dmartling@rocklinusd.org  Int Math I, III Int III Lab
 Riki Mitzel  rmitzel@rocklinusd.org  Int Math II/III, III
 Abigail Pena  apena@rocklinusd.org
 Int Math II, EAP Math
 Navdeep Riar  nriar@rocklinusd.org  Int Math I, II
 Janice Stadler  jstadler@rocklinusd.org  Int Math I, AP Calculus BC, AP Stats
 Joel Williams  jwilliams@rocklinusd.org
 Int Math II, Pre-Calculus
Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequencetitle

Math Scope & Sequence 7-30-19
"The area of Mathematics is a cornerstone for a logical thinking process, the jewel for further discovery." 
- Albert Einstein