Whitney High School

Physical Education
It is the goal of the physical education department to provide students with opportunities to develop an optimal level of physical fitness through the use of psychomotor development activities, cardiovascular endurance training, flexibility exercises, strength training, and wellness education. The emphasis in all activities is an awareness of the importance of daily exercise, social skills, sportsmanship, and the enjoyment of physical activity throughout a lifetime.
Staff List

Staff Listtitle

 Jesse Armas  jarmas@rocklinusd.org  Weights
 Holm, Rachel  rholm@rocklinusd.org Lifetime Sports, PE 1 
 Michael Gimenez  mgimenez@rocklinusd.org
 Unified Sports, PE 1, Aerobic Walking
 Zach McNally  zmcnally@rocklinusd.org Weights
 Vincent Perez vperez@rocklinusd.org Lifetime Sports, Aerobic Walk
 John Pichon  jpichon@rocklinusd.org Aerobic Fitness, PE I, Weights
 April Steele
 asteele@rocklinusd.org  PE I, Team Sports
 Kari Ustaszewski  kustazewski@rocklinusd.org  PE I, Aquatics
 Kerianne Woods  kwoods@rocklinusd.org  PE I, Team Sports
Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequencetitle

Physical Education Course Sequence
"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." 
- John F. Kennedy