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Support Services
Support Services is an educational alternative that focuses on the teaching of students with academic, behavioral, health, or physical needs that cannot sufficiently be met using traditional educational programs or techniques.

In some systems special education can also be implemented in mainstream education by giving certain students more individual attention to their specific needs. Often this is implemented by an additional member of the staff who has responsibility for working with children and young people with additional needs in small group or one-to-one situations.
Staff List

Staff List

Kevin Estes Integrated Math 1B, Curriculum Support
David Gerster Basic Social Studies, Curriculum Support
Kristi Hall Integrated Math 1A, Curriculum Support
Kelly Krasner Consumer Math, Curriculum Support
Jennifer Lagomarsino Integrated Math IA, Curriculum Support
Melissa Morgan Basic English, Curriculum Support
Guy Morrow Basic Phys Science, Basic Math, Curriculum Support
Leigh Mrizek Business Math, Curriculum Support
Alison Pearl Basic English, Curriculum Support
David Rumbaugh TASEL, Group Studies
Pam Shugarte
Applied Job Skills, Functional Life Skills,
Applied: English, Science, Math
Matt Thompson Functional: Job Skills, Social Studies, English, Science, Math
Support Staff

Support Staff

Mandy Boone Occupational Therapist
Alma Bustos Instructional Aide
Lisa Cadoret-Lewis Aide
Mary Carter Aide 
Kim Clementi Aide 
Jacque da Roza Workability Coordinator
Alanna Fairbain Aide
Jessica Flacks Aide
Erin Gearin Aide
Rita Gonzalez Aide
Bridgette Green Workability Coordinator
Natalie Grimes Psychologist
Janelle Hardy Aide
Bettina Hart Aide
Christelle Jara Instructional Aide
Maggie Lloyd Aide
Melissa Lopez Aide
Margie McClain Aide
Dani Mesaros Psychologist
Dana Monaghan Speech Therapist
Kristy Odell Aide
Adam Paulsen Aide
Crystal Props Aide
Sharon Root Aide
Kevin Seals Aide
Jamie Howard Sears Aide
Rose Skolnick Aide
Nicole Waters Mental Health Specialist
Richard Wester Aide
Vanessa Wilde Speech Therapist
Ana Zarfos Aide
"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."
          - Oscar Wilde