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Class Officers

2022-2023 Executive Board

2022-2023 Executive Board

President - Bahar Moradi
VP - Chloe Westberg
Secretary - Maddie Kelly
Treasurer - Katie Kopec
Voices of Whitney - Camren Cole & Jace Gillmore
Commissioner of Audio and Visual - Bryan Chu
Commissioner of Construction - Cameron Westberg
Commissioner of Dance - Kendyl Meeks
Commissioner of Fundraising - Tanner Pangman
Commissioners of Publicity - Aidan Barkve & Lakely Perkins
Commissioner of Student Life - Peyton Heap
Commissioners of Spirit - Nicole Drikas & Madelyn Wilk
Commissioner of Video - Evan Pimentel
Commissioners of X-Factor - Ellie Hokerson-Brun & Danial Malji
WELCOME OUR NEWLY ELECTED 2022-2023 Class Officers
Class of 2025 Class Officers
Audriana Boyce
Izzy Soto
Julia Muldong

Class of 2024 Class Officers
Brendan Whitmore
Lauren Ansaldo
Nayeli Glaude

Class of 2023 Class Officers
Bella Smith
Pepper Jimosse
Hallie Merin