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Class Officers

2024-2025 Executive Board

2024-2025 Executive Board

ASB President
Audriana Boyce

ASB Vice President
Zara Begic

ASB Secretary
Natalia Takeuchi

ASB Treasurer 
Julia Muldong
Commissioner of Audio and Visual
Mia Valencia

Commissioner of Construction
Austin Banchieri

Commissioner of Dance
Sukhmani Sanghera

Commissioner of Fundraising
Lyndee Veldstra

Commissioners of Publicity
Presley Ries & Katherine Scott
Commissioners of Spirit
Meadow Dettner & Pranathi Sudharshan

Commissioners of Student Life
Leila Grider & Cate Jamison

Commissioner of Video
Arnav Sapru

Commissioners of X-Factor 
Jacquelyn Cavarra & Jodh Fishburn

Commissioner of Media 
Natalie Deeble
WELCOME OUR NEWLY ELECTED 2024-2025 Class Officers
Class of 2025 Class Officers:
Tess Curtis
Addison Keyes
Malakai Tuifua
Class of 2026 Class Officers:
Lukas Tallent
Brooke McKean
Amelia Chu
Class of 2027 Class Officers:
Brooke Dettner
Addison Tinkler
1 student to be appointed