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YEARBOOKS - A limited supply of extra yearbooks will be available May 31 at our annual yearbook distribution event after the rally. Books will be available until they sell out, for $100 cash, at the yearbook distribution and signing party event.
Updated 05/29/2024
Senior Tributes

Senior Tributes

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Senior Tribute Ads - FAQS
Updated May 7, 2024
Senior tributes for the 2025 yearbook are on sale June 1. To purchase a tribute for your senior, please review this information closely. We change the process slightly from one year to the next based on what we learn, and our goal is to help everyone have a smooth experience.
  • The attached size/price sheet will help you determine what size tribute you want to order. The lowest prices are available now, and the price increases each month on the first of the month. In other words, you have from now through Aug. 31, 2024 to get the early-bird rate!
  • When you're ready to order, use the 2025 order form, which includes uploading your photos and submitting your message for the tribute.
  • After submitting the Google Form with everything uploaded, you're ready to pay and finalize the order. Payment takes place on the WHS Webstore.
  • This sheet walks you through how the Webstore works and includes the link. After reading the FAQ sheet, if you have questions about the payment process, please contact bookkeeper Jordan Miller at
  • Students in Whitney High Student Media, the nationally award-winning publications program, will design your tribute and will communicate with you throughout the process during the fall semester. Typically we begin creating the tributes in September, and we do them in installments through December. We usually create them in the order they are received.
Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

Updated May 29, 2024
Prestige is the official school photographer for your senior picture and will do your WHS yearbook photo this summer. Please don't wait until the last minute -- we wouldn't want you to miss out on being pictured with your classmates for the Class of 2025.
For step-by-step directions, please scroll down.
Go to & click "Find a studio near you."
The appointment window is open.  You should get into the studio this summer to have your senior portrait taken. By the beginning of September, it is almost impossible to get in. 
You may wear your own personal outfit of your choosing to be considered "dressed up" for this important portrait based on your style and cultural significance or how you feel most comfortable as long as you are within the WHS dress code and dressed up. Your top/shirt must be free of text (no writing or printing) and no sunglasses or hats are permitted. If you prefer a traditional drape or tuxedo, the studio will have those available to borrow during your portrait sitting.
This photo will go in the 2025 WHS yearbook as long as you are photographed on time at the correct studio. The studio sends us all photos in one batch once the deadline has passed, and we will post a list of all photos received so that you can check your name on the list.
Thanks for making your appointment right away by following the steps above, and thanks for getting photographed this summer.
Best wishes for your upcoming senior year experience!
Go to & click "Find a studio near you"
Getting Started with Senior Portrait Scheduling
Click the state drop-down and select California
Select California
Click "Citrus Heights" for your studio option.
Select Citrus Heights Office
Then choose Click "Schedule studio session"
Schedule Session
Create an Account and Log In
Login to Schedule Appointment
Click "Book Appointment"
Book Appointment
Select Location
Enter "Whitney High" in the search box and press "Go" >
Select "Grad Year 2024 - Whitney High School - Rocklin, CA - (96GGZ)"
School Select
Choose a session and press "Confirm Selections"
Select Session Options
Select the date/time
Select Date and Time
Enter your information and click "Finalize appointment" at the bottom
Finalize Appointment Time