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Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

  • All seniors must schedule an appointment with Prestige/Lifetouch to get their picture in the yearbook. You are not required to purchase other items or do a full package, however you must make an appointment and get your picture taken this summer or you will not be in the yearbook.
    • Schedule your appointment online in mid May at  
    • What to wear - multiple options exist in order to give each student the best experience.
    • Slots at the start of the new school year are virtually impossible to secure, so take advantage of the flexible summer schedule. Being pictured with your classmates is one of the best ways to capture your Class of 2023 experience
    • CLICK HERE for step by step directions
Senior Tributes

Senior Tributes

  • Senior tributes or “grad ads” for the Class of 2023 are on sale from June 1- December 1. Everything you need will be on the WHS website. We close the process in December due to annual print deadlines from the yearbook company. Plan ahead! It’s not a “reserve a spot” scenario - you order with all of your materials at once, which means you should start picking out photos now.
  • Early-bird pricing goes until Sept. 1. Then it goes up each month. One way to help keep the senior year costs low is to order your senior tribute over the summer, get your spot and pay the lowest rate, and then forget about it – you’re done! Ordering requires photo submission and message in addition to the form. Again, you can’t “hold a spot” with just a payment. We offer the pricing structure so we can start designing the tributes as early as possible. If you want to wait, you pay the higher price.
  • To order, you must provide the order form, payment, photos and message.
  • You can pay online through the portal, which is based on credit card payment, or if you prefer to visit campus and pay by check or cash, we can accommodate that if necessary.
  • Student designers will take care of creating the tribute, and you don’t need any design or technical expertise at all!