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Building Industry Technology Academy

Program Video

Program Video


profile photoTeacher: Bret Hunter


Industry Sector: Architecture and Structural Engineering

Career Pathway: Architecture/Trades/Construction Management

Location: C-5

Phone: 916-632-6500 ext. 6468

Website: State Wide BITA Link

Program Description

Program Description

Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) is a comprehensive four-year high school program developed by BIA member companies and education leaders. BITA offers a curriculum aimed at producing skilled professionals who will be qualified and confident to enter the building industry or seek higher education at the College level. 
Program Sequence

Program Sequence

Building Industrial Technology Academy (BITA) I
Course Title: Foundation of Residential and Commercial Construction / Building Industry Technology 
Grade Level: 9-10
 Requirements Met: WHS Technology UC/CSU Approved "G"
In year one of the Building Industry Technology Academy, students gain basic construction skills in the following areas: use of hand tools, machine tools operation, types of construction materials used in the industry, construction and organizational operations, sub-flooring, framing, roofing, blueprint reading, and construction-specific math.  

Building Industrial Technology Academy (BITA) II
Course Title: Study of Ancient Civilization Infrastructure and Craftsmanship/Building Construction Technology  
Grade Level: 9-12
Requirements Met: WHS Technology UC/CSU Approved "G"
Year two provides the students an opportunity to explore various trades in more depth using construction labs and student-directed activities facilitated by the instructor. Students can explore all of the lab activities or pursue advanced levels in an area of interest. All students study electrical in the course of year two. The trade areas explored include concrete, masonry, surveying and site prep, HVAC, plumbing, drywall, painting, and tile. Students will also be incorporating CAD software (Fusion 360,  RhinoCAM, Mosaic) for the design of the structures and use of industry level CNC machinery.  Project Management will be implemented during this year using in Industry level software known as Pro Core.  By exploring this software, our students will be on the cutting edge of what is already being done at the College level. 

Building Industrial Technology Academy (BITA) III-Dual Enrollment
Course Title: Introduction to the Built Environment
Grade Level: 11-12
Sierra College Dual Enrollment Course- CET 0005
Requirements Met: WHS Technology UC/CSU Approval Pending
This course is designed to introduce the student to the build environment, students will exposed to building industry: trends, organizations, construction processes, contracting laws, regulations, business aspects and career pathways.  This course will provide instruction and assignments centered on basic home building process i.e.  Property/house selection, permits, site preparation, foundation, framing calculation and characteristics of materials, carpentry, framing, basic electrical wiring, plumbing, measurement systems, and the safe use of hand/ power tools. The goal is to expose the student to each of these areas of study while applying a method or technique through project based learning.
 Dual Credit:  While enrolled in BITA III at Whitney, you have the opportunity to dual enroll in CET 0005 Introduction to the Built Environment at Sierra College.  At the completion you will have earned 3 college units through Sierra College which are transferable to a CSU and can also be used as 1 of 3 required courses to earn the Sierra College Certificate in Basic Construction.  During the first part of the class all you have to do is fill out a form to register for CET 005 and pass BITA 3 to earn the credits.  CET 0005 is transferable to CSU.
Program Outcomes and Certifications

Program Outcomes and Certifications

  • Students will have developed an employable skill set for emerging trends in the building industry.

  • We have the move cutting edge machinery and software found in industry as well as the top notch colleges.

  • Students will be given opportunities to interview for paid internships at the end of their Junior year, or paid jobs in industry upon graduation.

  • Students will be given opportunities to receive their OSHA 10 certification.

  • ProCore Management software certifications.

  • Fusion 360 Certification

  • Transferable CSU Credits at no cost.

  • Opportunities to compete against 50 plus High Schools in the BIA Shed Building Competition.  The top 4 schools that competed at the State level last year were BITA schools.  Our first team will compete in the Spring of 2018

Program Accomplishments

Program Accomplishments

  • In our first year of introduction of the BITA Curriculum, we had maxed out our enrollment.  
  • We are one of only 12 schools in the State of California to have this curriculum offering in State of California.

  • Currently placing students in paid summer internships with local companies.

  • The only BITA school in the state to offer Dual Enrollment.

  • The 2nd school in the Country to off Pro Core software training and Certification.  

  • Have invested over $130,000 in new tooling and technology in 2016-2017.

BITA Students at Work

BITA Students at Work