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Waitlists and Appeals

Have you been placed on a college admissions waiting list?
The unfortunate reality is that most students placed on a waiting list, do not eventually get an acceptance letter. You should plan to move forward with a school that has accepted you so that you do not miss important deadlines. If you do eventually get accepted from the waiting list, you will need to consider the amount of deposit money you will be forfeiting at the school you have already accepted admission to, as well as if any important financial aid, housing or registrations dates have passed at the wait-list school. You will need to weigh anything that you may be missing out on because of your late acceptance. The College Board has published a nice article outlining what to do and how to better your chances of being accepted from a waiting list. You can read that article here.
Considering appealing a college admissions decision?
Have you received a rejection letter from your dream school? Are you thinking about appealing? If so, click here to view some information to consider and tips on writing your letter should you decide it is the right thing to do.