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Trade Programs/CTE/Apprenticeships

What are Trades?

They are jobs that require a specialized set of skills learned through advanced training, but not from a 4-year college or university. This education is achieved through apprenticeships, on-the-job training, specialized education programs, &/or vocational schools. 

What are the Different Categories of Trades

Skilled trades generally fall into five categories: agricultural, construction, transportation, service, and  manufacturing & industrial trades. 
Agricultural Skilled Trades:
Farm or Ranch Manager
Agricultural Equipment Operator
Animal Husbanddry & Animal Caretaker
Forest & Conservation Technician
Nursery & Greenhouse Managers
And more….
Construction Skilled Trades:
Pipefitter & Steamfitter
Heating & Air Conditioning Technician
And more
Transportation Skilled Trades:
Automotive/Motorcycle Service Technician
Bus Operator
Train Operator
Heavy Equipment Operator
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
And more…
Service Skilled Trades:
Nursing Assistant
Licensed Practical Nurse
Physical Therapy Assistant
Dental Assistant
And more
Manufacturing & Industrial Skilled Trades:
Metal Fabricator
Tool & Die Maker
And more…
Do Trades have Opportunity for Advancement?
Most of the Trade careers have pathways for advancement through more education & specialization. And, some can lead to future education at a 4 year college or university.
What is the Job Outlook for Trade Jobs?
The Trades are in hot demand! There is a huge shortage and for many reasons: current workers are retiring, lack of vocational opportunities in schools (previous generations removed them from High Schools and community colleges), emphasis has been placed on Technology careers requiring 4 year college education & basically stereotyping them less than a professional career & that 4 year college is the only option.
Now, roles are changing! Trade careers are in big demand meaning that they earn high pay & have great job security, cost less to acquire the initial skill set needed to perform entry level work (through vocational community college programs/military/apprentiships),  in less time then a four year college degree and without the high debt. Instead of a negative, it is a positive opportunity to fill a need & get the benefits of financial security which leads to overall quality of life and career satisfaction:
 24 Highest-paying Trade Jobs in 2023: 
Where to Seek Apprenticeship Opportunities:
Schools/apprenticeships for the Trades in/ near Northern California

Sierra College:
CTE programs through Sierra College are fantastic! You get 2 years free through the Promise Program and get out with hirable skills. So worth it!
American River Community College:
Need to figure out where to begin....

Need to figure out where to begin....

Do you need to find the career, education and path to living in Northern California? This is a site full of options!