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work permits
Work Permit Information

Work Permit Information

By state and federal law, all students under age 18 must have a valid work permit to be employed (including vacations and summer break).  Also, all existing Work Permits must be renewed at the start of each school year.  In accordance with the State Education Code 49164, students are required to be in good academic standing and good citizenship.  This will be defined by having no more than (2) No Marks at the most recent Quarter Grade or Semester Report Card and having discipline and attendance records signed off by administration.   If work permits are denied for not meeting the grade requirements, students and/or parents can have their application reviewed with administration for a possible probationary authorization on a case by case basis.     

Steps to obtaining a Work Permit:
1. Pick up a green Work Permit Application outside of the College and Career Center or Download and complete the work permit application. Complete all fields including the student information with social security number, parent signature, and employer information and signature. Per state law, all signatures must be original, ink signatures
2. Original work permit applications with ink signatures should be submitted in the College and Career Center. Work permit processing can take up to two school days, after which the student should return to pick up the completed work permit during Break, PAWS or Lunch. Please keep in mind that the student must be the one to pick up the work permit as an original ink signature must be obtained from the student at that time.
3. Provide the signed work permit to your employer.
Work permits are issued for up to one year and expire every August despite what time of year the initial request was granted.  

Permits may be revoked at any time if attendance, grades and graduation requirements are not being met.
If you have work permit questions, please email Alyssa Pacay at