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Loaner Chromebooks and Hotspots are available for students for the duration of their time at Whitney High School.  
Updated 2022-23
All Chromebooks assigned/checked out to Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) students are the responsibility of the student’s guardians. Please refer to the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) Student Acceptable Use Agreement and Technology Loan Agreement found on the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) Website for additional information.
Rockin Unified School District Responsibilities:
  • Provide Chromebook access to all students. 
  • Provide an adequate supply of loaner Chromebook devices in case of loss or damage. 
  • Provide a Chromebook protection plan option to RUSD families. 
  • Provide filtered access to the Internet regardless of Chromebook’s location and/or network connection. 
RUSD Parent and Student Responsibilities:
  • Ensure that your student is knowledgeable of and follows the expectations as outlined in the Technology Loan Agreement. 
  • Ensure the Chromebook is cared for properly at all times, while at a RUSD school site or off site. 
  • Ensure the student reports ANY damage to the student’s school site’s front office staff immediately. 
  • Ensure that your student is knowledgeable of and follows the expectations for Digital Citizenship best practices as outlined in the (RUSD) Student Acceptable Use Agreement. 
Protection Plan Option (Valid for 1 School Year) 
  • A District Chromebook protection plan is available for $30 per year and $50 for 2 additional years (ending in the third school year June 30). 
  • Families who pay online at My School Bucks will have a convenience fee applied to the purchase.
  • The Protection plan is Valid as of July first to June 30th of each year. 
  • Protection plans purchased during the school year will all have the same termination date of June 30th of that school year. 
  • Families who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch, are living with Foster families or are Homeless may apply for a scholarship to cover Protection Plan Fees (see below) 
  • Protection plans purchased during the year will not be prorated.
  • Students issued Chromebooks must purchase insurance within 7 days of taking possession of the Chromebook without having the device inspected. After that date, parents/students can still purchase insurance, but the Chromebook and charger must be inspected by site staff before coverage can be purchased. 
  • There are no protection plan refunds. 
Deductibles/ Repair Fee: 
  • First covered repair $0 (no deductible or repair fee); second covered repair: $30 repair fee; third covered repair: $50 repair fee 
  • Families who pay online at My School Bucks will have a convenience fee applied to the invoice.
  • After 3 repairs and/or replacements in one year; a student is referred to site administration and the protection plan coverage is voided for the remainder of the year. The parent/guardian becomes responsible for all damages or loss for the remainder of the school year.
*RUSD will continue to provide support to students who have checked out a district chromebook with standard issues reported. Support includes, but is not limited to - initial  troubleshooting of reported issues, factory reset of Chromebook, re-enrollment of device, etc. 
*Items covered by the device warranty, defects from normal wear and tear, and repairs to devices that have ‘aged out’ will not be charged to families and will be covered. 
Duties in Event of Loss or Damage: 
Report ANY loss or damage to library staff or designee within 15 days of the occurrence. If the loss is due to theft, burglary, robbery, or vandalism, notify local law enforcement and file an official police report. Present the official police report to the school site administrator/ Principal to best assist in the district providing a replacement for your student. 
Settlement Information: 
RUSD will pay for the cost of repair including parts and labor. If the device cannot be repaired, a replacement of the District's choosing will be provided. If a replacement is provided, purchased coverage will transfer to the replacement device. While the device is being repaired, the student will be issued a loan of the District's choosing. The plan will cover the loaner and power supply until the student’s original device is returned or a replacement is issued. 

Coverage may be denied if the student willfully defrauds, conceals, and/or misrepresents any material information about the cause of damage or loss of the device. Please report all incidents promptly to the appropriate person outlined on page 1. 
What is Covered:
  • Accidental damage, cracked screens, drops, accidental liquid damage. (As per agreement, First incident will be covered with no charge; second and third incidents will incur a deductible/repair fee; additional incidents will be referred to site admin for appropriate measures. All incidents will be evaluated for deliberate abuse/neglect). 
  • Theft, burglary, robbery with official police report- FIRST INCIDENT ONLY. Any subsequent incidents are treated as neglect and will incur full charges for repair or replacement. 
  • Vandalism, with official police report or school administrator incident report. 
  • Mechanical failures, determined by Technology Services staff, are covered even if not under a manufacturer’s warranty. 
What is NOT Covered:
  • Loss of device, accessories, software or data, including power supply. 
  • Intentional acts of neglect/abuse as determined by school staff, Technology Services staff or manufacturer.
  • Corrosion, rust, or cosmetic damage. 
  • Unexplained loss, mysterious disappearance, or law enforcement seizure. 
  • Devices not returned when exiting the school and/or Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD). 
  • Tampering with or any unauthorized attempts to repair the device, install software, or remove the device from the managed RUSD domain.
Replacement Costs for Any Issued Device: 
For families that have not opted for the RUSD Chromebook protection plan, the replacement cost of the Chromebook the first year is $325 and will depreciate $50/year. For new devices, the replacement cost timeline starts the date the device is issued to the student. For used devices, the cost timeline starts July 1 of the device purchase year (see table below)
  • Chromebook replacement cost for the 2020/2021 school year are as follows - based upon new devices:
first  Year  Chromebook Replacement Cost (Purchased 2022)  - $325 
second Year  Chromebook Replacement Cost (Purchased 2021)  - $275 
third  Year  Chromebook Replacement Cost (Purchased 2020)  - $225
fourth  Year  Chromebook Replacement Cost (Purchased 2019)  - $175
fifth  Year  Chromebook Replacement Cost (Purchased 2018)  - $125
sixth  Year  Chromebook Replacement Cost (Purchased 2016)  - $50 
  • Replacement of power supply: $35 
Failure or inability to pay for the above chromebook repair(s) and/or replacement costs will be handled like other student debts and fines.  Families may buy replacements via Amazon for the specific model. Families are responsible for identifying the correct model for power supply replacements i.e. RUSD is not able to refund or reimburse for the wrong power supply.
Purchase Date of Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) Devices: 
Acer R-11 
HP 11 G5 
Lenovo N23
HP 11 G6 
HP 14 G5 
HP 11 G1 X360 
Lenovo 100e Gen 2
HP 11 G7 
HP 11 G2 X360 
Lenovo 500e
Samsung 4 310
Lenovo 100e Gen3 
All  ECF Devices
HP 11 G3 X360

Students who do not participate in the protection plan program will be charged the full cost of repairs other than those due to mechanical or manufacturer defect, not to exceed the replacement value of the device as listed above, this includes lost and stolen devices. 
Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD)
Chromebook Protection Plan 
Please print this page and return IF paying by check
Enroll in the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) Chromebook Protection Plan for the current school year to better protect your student’s assigned/ checked-out Chromebook. The Purchase Price of the Protection Plan is $30. Checks can be made payable to Rocklin Unified School District and should be dropped off at the time of picking up your Chromebook. Protection Plans must be purchased within 30 days of possession.  Plans purchased outside of this time must verify the condition of Chromebook and can not submit a claim for 30 days after purchase.
To enroll, please print this signature page below with all required signatures in the Protection Plan Acceptance section below. A receipt for cash will be provided, certifying enrollment in the Chromebook Protection Plan. Please bring this form and payment with you at the time of picking up your Chromebook.
Thank you for your support in protecting your student’s Chromebook. 
Please make checks payable to Rocklin Unified School District - memo CB Protection
Protection Plan Acceptance: 
I have been notified of and understand the conditions and guidelines associated with the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) Student Chromebook Protection Plan.

I have chosen:  Current  Year = $30 - Adding 2 Additional Years = $50 (must purchase current year)
Student ID #________________   School Site: ______________________  Grade: ______
Student Name (Please Print) ____________________________________________________________ 
Parent/Guardian Name (Please Print) ____________________________________________________________ 
Parent  Phone#_____________________  Parent  Email _____________________________ 
Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________ Date: ________________

 ⬜  Our student may qualify for & requests a scholarship to cover the enrollment associated with the Chromebook Protection Plan.   

Below are items that may qualify a student for the scholarship: 
⬜ Unhoused - ⬜ Foster Youth - ⬜ Socio-Economically Disadvantaged - 
⬜ Free and Reduced Lunch -  ⬜ Other Circumstances ___________________

Not all families will qualify.  Families must have a FRL Meal Application on file.  RUSD may contact families to verify information


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