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Loaner Chromebooks and Hotspots are available for students for the duration of their time at Whitney High School.  To obtain a device or hotspot, you must follow a 3 step process.
1. You must fill out the Request form. All forms are electronic.  FORM
2. Next, you will fill out this Chromebook packet and accept or decline insurance.  Please note, if you decline insurance you are 100% responsible for the cost of any damage to the device. 
3.Once you have completed BOTH steps 1 and 2, you can see Ms. Snow in the Library to pick up the device. If you have elected to purchase the voluntary insurance you must bring the signed last page and a check when picking up the device.  If you requested a hotspot. The district will contact you when it's ready for pickup.


Please click here for answwers to the frequently asked questions.