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Updated 2023-2024

Important Chromebook Information for RUSD Families

School District Managed Chromebooks: A reminder that, every student is required to bring a fully charged school district managed Chromebook to school each day.  Any student may checkout a loaner Chromebook from the library up to 10x per year.

RUSD Chromebooks: We highly recommend checking out an RUSD Chromebook. This ensures your student's device is tailored for our network and online curriculum and can be supported if there are issues.

Personal Chromebooks:
  • If opting for a personal Chromebook, it must be brought to school for the installation of a Google Management License.
    • Please take a moment to complete this request so we can schedule a time to install the license on your students device.
  • Before getting a license, ensure the Chromebook's AUE (Auto Expiration Date) extends beyond your student's graduation date.
  • Families can check the AUE for their Chromebooks here.
  • Please note: Licenses are priced for by RUSD and cost $32. Our goal is to avoid installing them on older Chromebooks.
  • For more information on why we need all devices to be licensed, how the management license works, and to request one to be installed on your Chromebook - please visit our Tech Services Family Resources page or go to

Forgot Your Chromebook?: Students who forget their Chromebook can visit the library before school to check one out for the day. Remember, these specific devices should not be taken home as they won't function outside our network.

Accountability Actions: Schools will communicate to students and families the plan for accountability at their site.

Device Insurance Option:
  • Families have the option to purchase insurance for their device.
  • Cost: $30/year + fees. Must be acquired within the first 30 days of school.
  • Coverage includes breakages, and loss or theft of the device.
  • For more information, parents can visit: RUSD Family Resources.


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