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Annual Staff Appreciation Event is almost here!
As part of the activities we are granting as many of the classroom wish list items as we can. You can help by purchasing an item directly from
Amazon (click here)
you can donate (click here) and we’ll use the donation to buy items.
The Annual Staff Appreciation Event in May includes granting staff wishes for their classroom, a staff breakfast, and a staff lunch to show our gratitude for their tremendous dedication and work this year.  We would love your support to help make this event a success.  Additional details and volunteer opportunities are coming this month.
Your generous donation not only supports staff appreciation but also Sober Grad night, grants for student groups, and much more! 
Thank You Whitney Families!
Whitney PTC Board
John Reedy, President
Jana Kingery, Co-Vice President
Debbie Dettner, Co-Vice President
Rocio deValk, Secretary
Wanda McGee, Treasurer
updated 3/8/2024