Visual & Performing Arts

Visual Arts courses are designed to offer students the opportunity to explore the general field of visual arts. Courses may be taken to meet the VAPA requirements. Students may advance into individual production courses following a variety of paths.

General Information

  • Art I,II,III,IV,IV Honors and AP
  • Ceramics, I,II,III,IV and AP
  • Dance I,II,III,IV
  • Choir, Chamber Choir
  • Concert Band
  • Symphonic Band
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • String Orchestra
  • Music Appreciation
  • Theatre,I,II,III,IV
  • Technical Theatre
  • Course Catalog (pdf)

Staff List

 Joshua Ansley  Theater I, II, III, IV, Tech Theater 
 Lindsay Atlas  Ceramics I, II, III, IV
 Halley Crandell  Dance I, IV
 Kristopher Harper
 Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band,
 String Orchestra, Music Appreciation
 Deborah Lane  Art I, II, III, IV Honors
 Mallory Teresa  Dance I, II, III, Partners

Scope and Sequence

"If an inner voice says you are not a painter, then paint and that voice will be silenced." 
—Vincent Van Gogh