Whitney High School has a diverse student body with a multitude of interests. Here is where you may find these interests and where you could fit in on campus!
 Fall Club Rush  Spring Club Rush
 Anime Club
 Adviser: Gerster
 President: Erika Broadway
 Room: E4
 A Touch of  Understanding
 Adviser: Cavolt
 President: Tess Bratkovich
 Room: Gym
 California Scholarship
 Adviser: Collins
 President: Ashton Davis
 Room: F4
 Checkers Club
 Adviser: Lum
 President: Fatehjinder Bujwa
 Room: J8
 Chess Club
 Adviser: Lum
 President: Preston Marks
 Room: J8
 Creative Writing &  Cinematic Storytelling
 Adviser: Ansley
 President: David Smirnoff
 Room: Theater
 Culinary Club
 Adviser: McCrory
 President: Emma Santora
 Room: F9
 Book Club
 Adviser: Golditch
 President: Bryson Soto
 Room: Library
 Future Business  Leaders of America
 Adviser: Pointer
 President: Adam Sharrah
 Room: J9
 Graphics Club
 Adviser: Lum
 President: Elizabeth Miller
 Room: J8
 H20 for Life
 Adviser: Cox
 President: Kareena Patel
 Room: D5
 High Altitude  Balloon Club
 Adviser: Hunter
 President: Nathan Maxfield
 Room: C5
 Key Club
 Adviser: Stadler
 President: Onya Balakrishnan
 Room: E11
 National Alliance  
 on Mental Illness
 Adviser: LeRoy
 President: Amaya Gregory
 Room: Cafeteria
 National Honor
 Adviser: Pena/Shelton
 President: Dannica Tran
 Room: F4
 Pay it Forward
 Adviser: Atlas
 President: Carly Snell
 Room: C3
 Science  Olympiad
 Adviser: Brun
 President: Samuel O'Neil
 Room: E11
 Sikh Youth
 Adviser: Lum
 President: Fatehrajinder Bajwa
 Room: J8
 Smash Club
 Adviser: Hunter
 President: Reilly Sears
 Room: C5
 Adviser: Gale
 President: McKinna Macias
 Room: D12
 Vegan Club
 Adviser: Shoop
 President: Verity Vogel-Rigler
 Room: J11
 Adviser: Mougeotte/Feuerbach
 President: Amanda Rowe
 Room: Gym