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Advisory Committee Members 2001-2004

Advisory Committee Members 2001-2004

Comprehensive Sexual Health/HIV/AIDS

Janet Chess
Eric Crutchfield Parent
Sandy Dickey  
Jennifer Hammond 
RUSD Nurse, Co-chair
Jacque Hartke
Health Teacher, RHS
Janice Haynes 
Science Teacher, SVMS
Sandy Herrick
Sixth Grade Teacher, RC
Daniele Koelewyn Fifth Grade Teacher, VV
Matt Murphy Assistant Principal, SVMS
Carolyn Nunn-Lum Director of Elementary and categorical Programs
Melanie Patterson Health Teacher, RHS
Patty Ritter Parent, nurse
Rhonda Roberts Parent, nurse
Sandra Runte Parent
Janet Wirt RUSD Nurse, Co-chair
Philosophy Statement

Philosophy Statement

The Whitney High School Comprehensive Sexual Health/HIV/AIDS curriculum will present factual information based on current scientific evidence which empowers the student to follow a course of abstinence and other healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors, recognizing the family as the primary provider of sex education.


To refrain from sexual intercourse and other behaviors that involve intimate contact of a partner's genitals or other private body parts.


The Comprehensive Sexual Health/HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee used a variety of resources to form the guidelines for the 10th grade course of study. Resources recommended for use are listed at the end of each section. Please note the following:

  1. The teacher will follow state and district guidelines in using background material to prepare instruction.  It is expected that the instructor will use the most current information available. All written materials given and all audio-visual materials presented to students will receive prior approval as established by the guidelines of the Board of Education. The teacher will be limited to only the resources found in this guide.  New resources whether visitors, presentations, movies, plays, or articles, etc. will be discussed by the Comprehensive Sexual Health/HIV/AIDS Advisory Committee and referred to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  2. Resources are available at Whitney High School for public review.
  3. Resources will be available for review by parents before they are used in the course.