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Incoming Freshman

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Letter to Incoming Freshman Families  

Letter to Incoming Freshman Families  

air force J.R.O.T.C. logo United States Air Force    
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
California 954th Cadet Group – Whitney High School 

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Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

In the near future your 9th grader will be attending high school. The Whitney High School Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) has something to offer your student unlike any of his/her other classes. You will want to consider enrolling him/her into one of the finest AFJROTC units in the United States! 

Aerospace Science I (1st year)
meets the WHS U.S. History Social Science
requirement for graduation
(maximum 10 credits). 

Aerospace Science II (2nd Year)
meet the WHS Science Elective
requirement for graduation
(maximum 10 Science credits). 

Aerospace Science III (3rd Year)
meet the WHS Science Elective
(if not used for AS-2 Year)
requirement for graduation
(maximum 10 Science credits). 
Aerospace Science IV (4th Year)
meet the WHS Elective
requirement for graduation

Aerospace Science Drill 
meets one year of WHS P.E. Elective
requirement for graduation
(maximum of 10 PE credits).

JROTC provides many opportunities to compete for Senior ROTC scholarships in more than 1,000 universities and colleges.These scholarships are valued at over $450,000 each. (for more information please visit the Scholarship page).  

Despite COVID-19 restriction the CA-954 cadets have already completed over 700 hours of Community Service during this school year. They continue to perform community service to the city of Rocklin, both Rocklin and Whitney High Schools, local businesses, veterans organizations, and the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce.
Enrollment in AFJROTC does not subject your student to any military obligation and is not tied to an accessions or recruiting program. However, if a student takes a minimum of three years of AFJROTC and decides to enlist in the US Armed Forces, he/she will be promoted to E-3 after boot camp in the Army, Navy, or Air Force. This is two ranks above the normal. The Marines will award E-2. 

Our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year cadets are exposed to management and leadership experiences as they plan, organize, and direct the various cadet activities throughout the year.

If your student enrolls in AFJROTC, he/she will be eligible to sign up for an exciting and challenging two week “Cadet Leadership Course" (formerly known as "Summer Leadership School”) held at WHS. Upon successful completion of the course, he/she will have earned 5 elective credits in addition to gaining new friends and becoming familiar with the Whitney campus before school starts. 
Please note that there are no fees for enrollment and all uniforms will be provided to each cadet free of charge (cadets are simply responsible for the care and maintenance of the gear they are issued). 

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to discuss our program with you. Feel free to e-mail or call. Voice Mail (916) 632-6500 X 6683.

e-mail – Major Pearl
e-mail – SMSgt Barber
Our MISSION is to “Develop Citizens of Character, Dedicated to Serving Their Nation and Community”.


Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, CA-954
701 Wildcat Blvd. Rocklin, CA 95765
Phone (916) 632-6500 x 6683 Fax (916) 435-2542