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Business Management

Program Video

Program Video


Teacher:  Alyssa Gonzalez

Industry Sector: Business and Finance
Career Pathway: Business Management

Location:  J-6
Phone: 916-632-6500 ext. 6454



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Program Description

Program Description

Management consists of planning, leading, and controlling an organization or effort to accomplish a goal. In the Business Management pathway, students learn entrepreneurship and business fundamentals, goal-setting, resource allocation, organizational structure and management techniques, economics, financial data, risk management, information technology, and supply chain management.
Program Sequence

Program Sequence

Grade Level: 9-10
Prerequisites: None
 Requirements Met: WHS Technology UC/CSU Approved "G"
A survey in business providing a multidisciplinary examination of how culture, society, economic systems, legal, international, political, financial institutions, and human behavior interact to affect a business organization's policy and practices within the U.S. and a global society. The course demonstrates how these influences impact the primary areas of business and consumer behavior. Students have the opportunity to join the Future Business Leaders of America and travel. Introduction to Business is the first course in the Whitney High School business pathway.

Grade Level: 10-11
Prerequisites: Integrated I and Introduction to Business
College Articulation: Sierra College Course for College Credit
Syllabus: Accounting
 Requirements Met: WHS Math Elective UC/CSU Approved "G"
This one-year course covers fundamental accounting principles for those who have had no previous study in bookkeeping or accounting. It provides practical training to enable students to hold bookkeeping or account clerk positions. Concepts covered will include basic accounting principles, data accumulation for financial statements, and the accounting cycle. The course utilizes a computerized accounting system, spreadsheets, and the use of word processing software for business applications.  Students have the opportunity to join the Future Business Leaders of America and travel. 

Grade Level: 11-12
Prerequisites: Introduction to Business and Accounting
 Requirements Met: WHS Technology UC/CSU Approved "G"
Entrepreneurship will teach the necessary skills and approaches to successfully evaluate and create new business opportunities. Emphasis is placed on projects and activity based learning. Students will engage in team building and collaborative activities, with the intent of increasing career and college readiness. Students will explore the complex tasks, expectations, and restrictions of individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities. Students will progress through different methods for developing business ideas, the processes of starting a business, the acquisition of resources, and the key components of a business plan.  Students have the opportunity to join the Future Business Leaders of America and travel. 
Program Outcomes and Certifications:

Program Outcomes and Certifications:

  • Students will have the requisite knowledge to enter into a collegiate business program.
  • Students will have the opportunity to practice Microsoft Office and Google Suite skills in all course levels.
  • Accounting students will work in Quickbooks, with opportunities to get certified. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to test for proficiency certificates in Business, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Membership in Future Business Leaders of America with the opportunity to travel to conferences and compete against peers across the state and country.
Business Students at Work

Business Students at Work

Program Alumni

Program Alumni

Students passing through the business classroom at Whitney have obtained meaningful employment in industry.  Many have completed programs of study in business related fields.