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profile pictureTeacher: Carissa McCrory


Industry Sector: Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation

Career Pathway: Food Service and Hospitality

Location: F9

Phone: 916-632-6500 ext. 6671

Program Description

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The Food Service industry is a dynamic and rewarding field that offers a variety of opportunities. The program offers a broad range of curriculum based learning activities as well as practical experience in cooking, baking, and related restaurant functions. Students completing the program will be prepared for either immediate employment and/or the continuance of their education in a Culinary Arts or Food Service Management school.
Valuable additional experience may be gained through an internship. Students considering food service as a career can earn a variety of certificates upon completion of the program and have completed service safe training.
Program Sequence

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Grade Level: 9 - 12
Prerequisite: None
Syllabus: Culinary I
 Requirements Met: WHS Elective
This is a comprehensive course designed to introduce students to the nutrient value, appetite appeal, social significance and cultural aspects of food. Students will participate in cooking labs, as well as a variety of classroom activities. Emphasis will be on reading recipes, measuring accurately, and food preparation. Basic food science principles will be introduced. Kitchen safety and sanitation; proper use of equipment; essential job skills in the food industry will be reinforced as well.

CULINARY II: Baking and Pastry Careers
Grade Level: 10 - 12

Prerequisite: Culinary I or teacher approval
Syllabus: Culinary II
Requirements Met: WHS Elective
This course is designed to prepare students for the specific entry-level skills needed to excel in this exciting career within the foodservice industry. Students will learn the culinary skills that are foundational to baking and patisserie including breads, specialty breads, hot and cold plated desserts, cakes, chocolate work, and pastries. School to career business lessons will help prepare students for a successful transition into postsecondary education or career exploration. Students who complete the program will have met the California Foodhandler’s Card requirement for safe food handling. Jobs in this specialty area include: Executive pastry chef, bread and pastry bakers, dessert specialists, catering specialists, patisserie specialists, institutional and cafeteria baker, and gourmet specialty baker. With a Certificate of Completion, the student will be prepared to meet the demands that employers want and need.

CULINARY III: Restaurant and Hospitality Occupations - Wildcat Cafe
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Prerequisite: Culinary I and II or teacher approval
Syllabus: Culinary III
Requirements Met: WHS Elective
This advanced culinary course teaches entry level skills for hospitality including: professional knife skills, preparation of quality fresh food, customer service and teamwork. Additional study areas will include safety and sanitation, use and care of commercial equipment, management of food establishments, and food service standards. Working in the Wildcat Café periodically during lunch is required because it provides students with specific hands-on skills in this industry. As a capstone project, students will work in groups to design and present their own restaurant concept. Students who complete the program will have met the California Foodhandler’s Card requirement for safe food handling. Jobs in this specialty area include: Restaurant owner, Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Manager, Banquet Manager, Director of Menu Development, Director of Purchasing, and Caterer. With a Certificate of Completion, the student will be prepared to meet the demands that employers want and need.
Program Outcomes and Certifications

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  • Students who complete Culinary I or II with a grade of “B” or better along with 95% attendance rate will earn a certificate of completion for that course.

  • Students who complete all three years of the CTE culinary career program will have a solid foundation to move ahead either directly into the culinary/hospitality career field or to smoothly transition to post-secondary education.
Program Accomplishments

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  • 2014 2nd Place in the Boyd’s Coffee Culinary Cup

  • 2015 2nd Place in the Boyd”s Coffee Culinary Cup
Culinary Students at Work

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Culinary Program Alumni

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Kyle Anderson - Block & Board in Portland, OR. 
Kyle has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and History from U.C. Davis.  While attending college Kyle worked at the UC Davis Meat Lab which is a federally inspected meat processing plant located on the UC Davis campus.  Students receive hands-on training in slaughter, fabrication, sanitation, and further processing of meat and meat products. Kyle is currently the head butcher at Block and Board which specializes in cuts from local, sustainable farms, plus sandwiches.  While at Whitney Kyle took the Baking and Pastry Careers course and was on the 2008 ProStart Culinary Competition Team.

Garett Rodriguez - Obo in Sacramento, CA
Garett has an A.A. in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management from American River Junior College.  His current position is a cook at Obo Restaurant (Part of the Selland's group).  While at Whitney he took all three of the culinary courses and was on the 2009 and 2011 ProStart Culinary Competition Team.  Since leaving WHS he has worked in 9 different restaurants, building towards his dream of owning his own restaurant.  

Lexi Ammirati - Personal Chef and Catering
Lexi has her Associate in Occupational Studies in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America and is currently working on earning her Bachelors degree online through Johnson and Wales University. She took all three of the culinary courses at Whitney and was on the 2012 ProStart Culinary Competition Team.  A major accomplishment was working craft services (catering) for a local film production company.

MaryAnna Avilla - Student
Mary is is currently in New York at the Culinary Institute of America working towards her Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) in Culinary Science degree.  Mary took all three of the culinary courses at WHS and was on the 2013 and 2014 ProStart Culinary Competition Teams. She was the team captain for the 2014 team; her creativity, skills and determination helped to take that years team to a 2nd place win! 

Morgan Budd - Student
Morgan is currently a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, enrolled in the Food Science program with a culinary focus. Morgan was awarded at Whitney as the first student to be on the culinary competition team for all four years of high school. Morgan was on the 2014 team and was also the team captain of the 2015 competition team. She personally did most of the recipe development for the dessert that year and was the first student acknowledged on official ProStart paperwork as the developer of a recipe. She completed all three of the culinary CTE courses. In 2017 Morgan created and was awarded the position of Food Chair for her sorority to establish affordable healthy options for all; including those with allergies or food sensitivities.  As a sophomore she has been awarded the summer internship through Cal Poly for Swanton Pacific Ranch where she will plan and cook meals and help to plan the kitchen upgrade from ranch house to industrial.