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Mission Statement

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The Whitney High School Career and Technical Education Pathways offer students a unique perspective into a field of study that they might want to pursue upon their graduation from Whitney.
The classes listed below adhere to the CTE guidelines set forth by the California Department of Education.
Students completing the pathway will have the opportunity to achieve specific competencies in that area of study, earn a program certificate and/or pre-apprenticeship certification, develop an industry specific portfolio, display a special graduation cord, obtain an internship with a local business or on campus, travel to conferences and/or competitions, receive college credit (dual enrollment) in some classes, and establish a professional on-line presence. No matter what your future holds (four year college, junior college, trade school, or career), set yourself apart from the crowd and take part in the Whitney CTE pathways.
Program Administrator: Jason Feuerbach
Location: Administration Building
Phone: 916-632-6500 ext.6408
Email: jfeuerbach@rocklinusd.org

Social Media:
Twitter - @Whitney_CTE
Career and Technical Education Facts

Career and Technical Education Factstitle

1. Learn real-world 21st century skills that make students career and college ready.

2. Courses meet a-g requirements for entrance into the UC college system.

3. Students learn skills like: critical thinking; communication; teamwork; leadership; research tools; creativity; and innovation.

4. Students who complete rigorous academic core with a career concentration are more likely to pursue postsecondary education; have a higher GPA in college; and are less likely to drop out the first year of college.

5. CTE courses increase engagement in school by involving students as decision-makers and “owners” of their education process.

Source: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/ct/gi/cteschoolleaderfacts.asp
Staff List

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 Alex Anderson  aanderson@rocklinusd.org  C-STEM
 Jenny Armas  jkarmas@rocklinusd.org  Childhood Development, STARS
 Ben Barnholdt  bbarnholdt@rocklinusd.org  C-STEM, Broadcast Journalism
 Mike Gimenez  mgimenez@rocklinusd.org  Sports Medicine
 Alyssa Gonzalez  agonzalez@rocklinusd.org
 Bret Hunter  bhunter@rocklinusd.org  Building Technology
 Whitney Lum  wlum@rocklinusd.org  Graphic Design
 Carissa McCrory  Culinary Arts
 Sarah Nichols  snichols@rocklinusd.org  Publications
 Matt Strinden  mstrinden@rocklinusd.org   Computer Science