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Academic Counseling

Counseling Department
Supporting Academic Success

Supporting Academic Success

Whitney High School Counseling Meeting Flowchart
The WHS Counseling team works with staff, students, and parents to ensure academic student success by offerring information on the following:
  • Course Selection
  • Academic Requirements
  • Course Placement
  • Parent Information Evening Programs
  • Courses and Summer Session
  • Standardized Testing: Information, Administration and Interpretation: PSAT, ACT, SAT, AP
Academic Support

Academic Support

Keep you daily planner up to date (assignments & due dates, test dates, etc.). Make sure all work is Done Done! Not just done, but it is complete, with name and date, in your backpack or notebook, and ready to turn in.
Stay up to date on assignments, deadlines, test dates, grades etc. on Schoology.  Use it as a resource to contact your teacher with questions and/or concerns.


Spend intervention periods in the classes you need additional help or clarification. Don't wait until the week of a big test or project. Seek help early when you need it!  
Many teachers have office hours before and after school for extra help.  Know when you teachers are available and seek their help early.