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Sierra College Promise

Sierra Promise

Whitney High School has partnered with Sierra College to be part of the Sierra Promise!  The Sierra Promise helps make students college-ready before they graduate from high school and helps them start college with an education/career plan and access to financial support.  All Whitney High School students are eligible.  Once a student completes an application for admission to the college, the student will receive an invitation in their mySierra account to "Become a Promise Scholar."


Students who "Become a Promise Scholar" and commit to Sierra Promise can:

  • Receive help with all the steps to get into college

  • Get earlier access to college classes

  • Explore careers and majors

  • Create a fast-track plan to complete your degree or certificate 

Students who commit to Sierra Promise get additional services and support. These include:

  • Priority registration for your first semester, an education and career plan, assistance with financial aid/scholarships

  • Referrals to support and success programs such as RISE, Guardian Scholars, Puente, EOPS, etc.

  • Referrals to additional career and academic resources

  • Workshops and events to help with registration and orientation

In return, Promise Scholars commit to the following:

  • Complete the FAFSA or Dream application

  • Participate in registration and orientation events sponsored by Sierra Promise

  • Enroll in 30 or more units within your first year (summer, fall, spring)

Do Promise Scholars also get their tuition paid for? 

Most likely!  If you complete your end of the Sierra Promise commitment and are a California resident, you will be eligible to have your first two years of tuition covered through either the California College Promise Grant (need-based) or Two Years Free, also known as the AB2 State Promise Grant (non-need-based). 


Learn more about Sierra College Financial Aid Assistance including Grants, Scholarships, Student Employment, Loans, CCPG (formerly BOG) Fee Waiver, and Book Vouchers.


Learn more with the Sierra Promise FAQs.




Schedule a Tuesday appointment with our Sierra College Enrollment Specialist

(click here - to schedule an appointment)

OR come to the College & Career Center during Lunch on Tuesday.

Or you can apply on your own (click the image above): 

SC Apply



Step 1:  Watch (below) the three (3) videos:  


Step 2:




Step 3: 


Explore Sierra College's Academic Programs


Discover Careers and Salaries


(Click the image below for resources that are used in the survey)


Sierra College New Student


You need to Explore Sierra College's Academic Programs and Discover Careers and Salaries in order to complete the next and final step of Career and Academic Planing (CAP)


Step 4:  


Complete:  Based on where you are in your Career Planning Process (hint:  you learned this when you completed the Introduction Survey - above), click and complete the survey (below) that is right for you.


Sierra College Career Exploration Survey


Sierra College Career Confirmation Survey


Sierra College Career Preparation Survey


(Click the image below for career planning resources that may be used in the surveys above)

SC Career Coach

Schedule a Transitions Counselor Appointment


You have just completed "Career and Academic Planning" (CAP) @ Sierra College. 

Next steps: 


Accept the College Terms and Conditions in mySierra, AND

Submit your Transcripts, AND


(Click below)

Schedule a Transitions Counselor appointment at

Whitney High School

During your Transition Counseling appointment you will:


Congratulations!  You are now Ready4Reg.


Learn How to Prepare for Class Registration

(Watch the video below)

How To Register for Classes

How To Register for Classes

Find answers to your questions about:

  • How do I set up mySierra account?

  • How do I access mySierra?

Registering for Classes

  • When do I register for classes?

  • What classes and how many units should I take?

  • What is the best way to plan my class schedule?

  • What is a pre-registration questionnaire?

  • How to use online class schedule, register for classes and make changes to your schedule [Watch video in English] [What video in other languages]

  • What if a class is full or I'm on the waitlist?

  • What does the class registration error message I received in mySierra mean

  • How do I view my bill and pay for tuition and/or fees?