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Back to School Registration Days and Welcome Letter

Back to School Registration Days and Welcome Letter iconBack to School Registration Days and Welcome Lettertitle

Please take a moment to read the letter from our Counseling Department regarding registration days, class schedules, and back to school information for 2018-2019!
2018-2019 Add/Drop Deadline

2018-2019 Add/Drop Deadline icon2018-2019 Add/Drop Deadlinetitle

The following timeline indicates calendar dates for adding and dropping a course:
  • Whitney High School believes every effort should be made to encourage students to achieve and strive for success.
  • Students who are appropriately placed are encouraged to remain in the course.
  • All Add/Drop requests require completion of written form located in the counseling office and
    meeting with counselor.
 Semester Courses  Fall  Spring
 Last Day to ADD/DROP a course:
 Requires: Add/Drop form, teacher approval, parent
 approval, and space availability ( not all requests occur
 due to availability of courses ).
 ADD: Students are responsible to make up all work
 assigned from the 1st day of class. It is the student's
 responsibility to meet with the teacher regarding
 makeup work.
 DROP: The course and grade are not recorded on the
 *All students who withdraw from a course after the
 final Add/Drop date, August 22, 2018, may receive a
 No Credit (NC) mark on their transcript.
 August 22, 2018*
Last Day to Add/Drop
 Not Applicable
 Last Day for Level-Change (Example: AP,
 Advanced, or Honors to College Prep):
 Requires: Add/Drop form, teacher approval, and
 parent approval.
 **All students who withdraw from an AP,
 Advanced, or Honors course after the final
 Add/Drop date, September 5, 2018 and/or January
 14, 2019
, may receive a No Credit (NC) mark on
 their transcript.
 September 5, 2018**
Last Day for
 January 14, 2019**
Last Day for

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WHS Counseling Department
WHS Counseling Program

WHS Counseling Program iconWHS Counseling Programtitle

The mission of the WHS School Counseling program is to provide the skills and resources needed to experience success in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and college and career ready development.  School counselors are committed to advocating for an environment that fosters a respectful community of learners and supports our comprehensive and challenging educational program.  School counselors support that all students will achieve personal goals, develop individual purpose, and become college and career ready through a partnership of empowered students, educators, parents or guardians, and the community responsible for the learning process. 

School Counselors will develop and implement a program that believes:

All students can be college and career ready.

All students will achieve personal goals and develop individual purpose.

All students are valued and treated with dignity and respect.

Counseling Department Staff List

Counseling Department Staff List iconCounseling Department Staff Listtitle

Jennifer Teames
Last Name A - D Counselor
Julie Casler
Last Name E - K Counselor
Last Name L - Q Counselor
Last Name R - Z Counselor
College & Career Center
School Psychologist
Speech Pathologist
Speech Pathologist
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