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Welcome to the Home of the WHS "Wildcats"



Whitney High School is located in Rocklin, California. The city of Rocklin is a growing community and is located 20 minutes north of Sacramento.

In this site you will learn about the many benefits that JROTC can provide. You will also learn about the CA-954TH CADET GROUP, curriculum and co-curricular activities.

Our Cadet Corps is built on the Core Values of the United States Air Force:

Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do.

The CA-954 Air Force Jr. ROTC Unit had an outstanding 2018-19 year. CA-954 includes students from Whitney High School and Rocklin High School, and has seen its corps continue to increase in numbers with each new year.

The corps of cadets received the Distinguished Unit Award this year by the Headquarters of Air Force JROTC  and, Distinguished Unit With Merit Award in the 2017-18 School year for their many amazing accomplishments.  This allows the unit to nominate cadets to Service Academies, five each to the USAF Academy and the US Army Academy at West Point and three to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis.

CA-954 completed over 2,200 hours of Community Service throughout the Rocklin community this year.  The hours are gained through numerous events supporting the city of Rocklin, local businesses, the both Rocklin and Whitney High Schools, the Rocklin Unified School District School Board, and veterans organizations.

In the last three years, nine seniors received various nominations to the Service Academies: Seven Congressional Nominations including the Military Academy at West Point, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy.  The unit also received a senator nomination and five JROTC nominations to the Air Force Academy. Lastly, one cadet received a Presidential Nomination to the Naval Academy. 

Of the nine nominees, two received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy, one to the Military Academy at West Point, one to the Merchant Marine Academy, and one to the Naval Academy.  In addition, one cadet received a $450,000 Navy ROTC Scholarship to North Carolina State University, four other cadets received a $180,000 US Air Force ROTC scholarships to Purdue University, UCLA, Utah State and San Diego State, one a $174,000 Army ROTC scholarship to Santa Barbara, and one received a $54,000 Air Force ROTC scholarship to Utah State University.  In addition, fourteen former cadets are enrolled in various college ROTC programs.

In NORCAL competitions this past year with other JROTC Units, our cadets participated in NORCAL Softball (1st Place), Basketball (1st Place), Soccer (1st Place), Volleyball (1st Place), and Fun Olympics with other Jr. ROTC Units.  

The unit prides itself on its competition drill team.  In four of the last five years, the CA-954th Drill Team took Sweepstakes at the TITAN Invitational Drill Meet and the NORCAL Drill Meet.

JROTC utilizes an in-house tutoring program to provide effective peer tutoring.  The unit has a goal each year to reduce the number of overall No Marks received for all courses at the end of the first quarter by at least 40 percent at the end of the first semester.  Senior cadets who have completed various AP and Honors courses are assigned tutor duties through a cadet education officer and conduct tutoring during intervention.  In year 16-17, there were over fifty cadets who received a total of 78 No Marks at the end of the first quarter.  With JROTC peer tutoring, the number of No Marks received was to reduced to 41 by the end of the first semester, a reduction on 49 percent.