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Community Service is NOW Service Learning! Follow the link below for instructions on how to enter hours into Aeries.
Community Service Hours Update

Community Service Hours Update

Whitney High School is changing the Community Service process to Service Learning.  Students are still required to complete the RUSD graduation requirement of 25-hours.  The new change involves the way in which hours are submitted.  It will be presented by the school counselors to ALL students over the next two (2) weeks during each student's Language Arts class.  
The same presentation (PDF version) is attached below to this email and includes instructions for the new process.
Additionally, the school counselors will be holding a Fall Family Information Night on Monday, November 8 (more information to come).  Among many topics, the counselors will also offer presentations to explain this change for parents/guardians.
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WHS Counseling Program

WHS Counseling Program

The mission of the WHS School Counseling program is to provide the skills and resources needed to experience success in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and college and career ready development.  School counselors are committed to advocating for an environment that fosters a respectful community of learners and supports our comprehensive and challenging educational program.  School counselors support that all students will achieve personal goals, develop individual purpose, and become college and career ready through a partnership of empowered students, educators, parents or guardians, and the community responsible for the learning process. 

School Counselors will develop and implement a program that believes:

All students can be college and career ready.

All students will achieve personal goals and develop individual purpose.

All students are valued and treated with dignity and respect.



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